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About Mary Fons



Mary Fons is a writer, quilter, and designer living in Chicago.


In 2010, Mary created Quilty, a weekly online how-to program for beginner quilters (F+W Media) and served four years as editor and creative director of Quilty magazine. Mary is a bi-monthly columnist for Quilts, Inc., (The Quilt Scout) at She is co-host of Love of Quilting on public television alongside her mother, Marianne Fons. Mary’s first book, Make + Love Quilts: Scrap Quilts for the 21st Century was released in June of 2014 (C&T/StashBooks) and Dear Quilty, a retrospective and pattern book from the pages of Quilty magazine, was released in 2015 (F+W Media). Mary lectures and teaches widely and is an enthusiastic spokesperson for BabyLock sewing and quilting machines.


Small Wonders, Mary’s debut fabric line in partnership with Springs Creative, launched at International Fall Quilt Market along with a Small Wonders pattern line in association with McCall’s, exclusively for independent quilt retailers. Mary is an amateur quilt historian and enjoys learning about the history of the American quilt as much as she likes designing and making them. She currently serves on the board of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.


Mary is a nationally-ranked slam poet and proud Chicago Neo-Futurist. To read daily posts on her popular blog, PaperGirl, visit





Q: Where can I find Small Wonders fabric? 
Small Wonders fabric is available at independent quilt shops everywhere. If your LQS doesn't have it, yet -- ask for it! You can also buy Small Wonders at Missouri Star Quilt Company and at


Q: What are your rates for speaking/teaching?
It depends on the timeframe, the distance to travel, etc., though I have a standard day rate. Check out the Bookings tab for more info and we'll take it from there.


Q: I want to watch Love of Quilting. When is it on? 
PBS beams their shows up to a big satellite in the sky, then affiliates all over the country basically download the show and broadcast it when they choose. The best way to find out is to go to your local PBS station's website and either send them a note or give them a call. My mom always says, "If you're a member who pledges, you'll get an answer."

Q: Where are quilt charms made? 
Quilt charms are made in Chicago, USA.


Q: I need help with my order.
Quilt Charms are manufactured by Alison & Ivy. For the company's customer service department, please call 1-800-641-4445.


Q: I'm a fan of your poetry. Do you still do poetry gigs?
Well, thanks! Email me and let's talk about it.