Make+Love Quilts Book Cover by Mary Fons

Quilts to warm the heart, soul and bedroom.

Few things say I love you like a handmade quilt. This is a collection of 12 big, beautiful quilts specifically sized to fit large beds (queen and king). Constructed from Mary’s favorite fabrics for a fresh, contemporary aesthetic, these scrap quilts have depth and energy.

“Quick-sew” projects they’re not, but they can all be completed by any quilter — from beginner to intermediate and beyond — who has passion for making quilts that matter. Go ahead: show someone how much you love them by making a quilt (loving yourself is allowed, too.)

What’s inside…

  • Inspiring designs and practical advice from writer, quilter, and lecturer Mary Fons
  • Learn how to create a one-of-a-kind quilt, using the author’s “scrappy” technique
  • Get great tips on construction, inspiration and design
  • Bigger is better: Explore 12 quilt projects designed for the best spot in the house (your bed!)

Make+Love Quilts is now available from C&T Publishing/StashBooks at bookshelves, quilt shops, and online retailers.

What Critics + Readers Are Saying

“Fons has cobbled together a delightful book of instruction for making — and loving — quilts… [Fons] often adds humor to directions, for example, “After sewing and layering “Northbound”: “Crawl under for a long, deep sleep.” A dozen projects fill the second half, with romantic quotes added to the lessons.”
Publishers Weekly, May 2014


“Mary Katherine Fons’s “Make+Love” [is] in every stitch. A complete gift, and a beautiful and though provoking book.”
Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild


“I love this books so much that I can’t shelve it! I have read it cover to cover, re-read bits and pieces or Mary Fons’ writing and finally decided I’m making each quilt in the book when I couldn’t decide on just one! This is one of those books that you can really READ! It’s not dry and boring, but fun and spritely! I love it! I can’t say enough how much I love this book!”
— Jody, via Amazon


“In Make & Love Quilts: Scrap Quilts for the 21st Century, Mary addresses you where you live — from novice to expert. As an admitted fear filled quilter, I found Mary’s approach refreshing. She liberates the reader from “the rules” of quilting. She establishes best practices, but also assures the reader that mistakes are inevitable and necessary to the process.”
— Gebar, via Amazon


“I was so excited to order this book, and it did not disappoint! I love love love Mary Fons’ writing style. I have quite a few quilting books, but this one is the first that I thoroughly enjoyed reading… I appreciated that many of the quilts aren’t feminine looking it can be hard to find quilt patterns that will appeal to both men and women, but this book is full of them!”
— Veronica, via Amazon

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