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mary fons, quilting lessons, bookings, book signings

I travel far and wide to lecture about and teach patchwork. There's so much to learn and be inspired by in the quilt world; being out on the road is a treat for me.

My lectures are about an hour apiece. Each lecture is tried, true, and guaranteed to be a smash. My classes focus on patchwork, typically in a "make-a-block" format with heavy emphasis on fabric selection and contrast. I offer tips and share industry trends, too. Workshops are 3-hours apiece. I have many quilts to bring for a trunk show, as well as my book, Make + Love Quilts: Scrap Quilts for the 21st Century, to sell and sign.


A typical day with your group might look like this:

  • Lecture 1 in the morning + 3-hour afternoon workshop
  • Lunch break 
  • Lecture 2 in the evening (for full guild or larger shop audience)



mary fons, quilting, lectures



A ThirtySomething Quilter Tells All: Notes on the Industry from a Quilt Mafia Daughter
A personal lecture, where I share the history of Fons & Porter, my own quilting journey, and how to ensure the next generation of American quiltmakers are taken care of. Laughs -- and a few tears -- promised.

"You Call That a Quilt?" Quilt Styles in America: Traditional, Contemporary, Studio/Art, and Modern 
You'll never look at quilts the same way again. We examine the four different styles of quilts in America in all their fascinating glory. A "show-stopper" in terms of information given and "ooh-ahh" quilts to admire.

The Great American Quilt Revival: The Reason You're Quilting Right Now
Together, we look at the roots of the Great American Quilt Revival: the Whitney exhibit in '71, the Bicentennial in '76, and the quilt industry boom of the '80s and '90s. Funny and fascinating for people who were there firsthand and newbies who never knew it happened!

There's Never Been a Better Time to Make a Quilt
In this "I didn't know that!" talk, we go through tools quilters use today and compare them to the tools women in the 1850s (and beyond) had to manage. Inspiring and fun, this lecture will make us all grateful to be quilting today.


mary fons, quilting, classes



Mary's Chubby Churn Dash Block
The "chubby" Churn Dash has the perfect ratio of triangles and squares. In this class, you'll use the Fons & Porter Half-and-Quarter ruler to get half-square triangles from strips, solving any straight-of-grain vs. bias problems. A great beginner class, but enjoyable for all levels.  

A Quilt Called Whisper
The Thousand Pyramid quilt is both modern and traditional. We'll learn to use the Fons & Porter 60-Degree Pyramid Ruler to cut our triangles; we'll also discuss how contrast still matters in monochrome quilts like "Whisper." Intermediate.

The Royal We -- Master the Ohio Star
The Ohio Star is a fantastic block to teach and learn from. Quarter-square triangles, half-square triangles, contrast lessons, and straight patches are yours to master. I teach with the F&P Half-and-Quarter ruler. All levels welcome.


To inquire, please send an email to Mary @ Thank you!