The Quilt Nerd Show

Some call it a “digital magazine”; others, “a podcast you can watch”. Some people describe Quilt Nerd as “the best show about quilts ever.” Whatever you call it, Mary Fons’s Quilt Nerd show is a dynamic, genre-defying, and utterly original live online show broadcasting multiple times a week, that explores the extraordinary world of quilts and quilt culture. From 1940s workclothes quilts made in West Virginia, to the quilts of the British Isles; from story quilts being made today in Detroit to cowboy Suggans out on the open range; from Sioux quiltmaking traditions to 19th-century New England sewing circles — Mary and the growing community of Quilt Nerds investigate history, art, anthropology, beauty — even fashion — every week, live.

Visit Mary’s Quilt Nerd channel to watch past episodes on Twitch. Click the Schedule tab to find out when the next show will air. Make sure to hit the Follow button so you’ll be notified whenever Mary goes live, and consider becoming a Quilt Nerd subscriber for perks, giveaways, and VIP events. Subscribe today for the full Quilt Nerd experience! All member benefits are listed on the Quilt Nerd Twitch channel About page — and while you’re there, please consider clicking all those social media buttons because we’d love to see you in those places too. If you visit Mary’s YouTube channel, you can watch past episodes of Quilt Nerd there, as well as other nerdy, mostly quilt-related content.

Mary hopes to see you in the live chat soon and if you’re a quiltmaker, we stand with you in resisting the over-commercialization and commodification of America’s one true democratic art. When we learn quilt history, we learn there are and have always been alternatives.

Viva la quilt! Viva la créativité. Viva la Quilt Nerd révolution.