Pendennis Picks Three: ‘I Thought You Said You Wouldn’t Blog Tonight!’

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Rita, remember this picture?? There’s me, and Ms. L., and good ol’ Pendennis. Photo: Rita Farrow.


Every once in awhile, I have to rely on Pendennis, my monkey sidekick, to blog for me.

For well over 10 years, I have posted to this blog, on average, with precious few sabbaticals, five times a week. Whether I’m just naturally able to do this absurd amount of content creation or 10 years of an absurd amount of content creation has made me into a person who naturally does it at this point, there are some nights that I can’t create something brand, spanking new.

It’s never — truly, literally never, ever — because I “just don’t know what to write about.” In fact, I have the opposite problem. I want to write about everything. I have to. Writing about everything is the only way I can make sense of anything, so around here, it’s open season.

The reason I rely on Pendennis  from time to time to “pick three” for me (viz., to pick three entries that strike his monkey fancy as being worth a second look or, for some, a first) is because sometimes, what I want to write about requires more thought, more craft, more focus, than I have time to give it at that moment. And, because I’d rather not blog at all than blog poorly, or post something half-baked or lame, there are times when P. just has to help, less PaperGirl goes dark for a couple days, which will never do. Three days go by and I don’t blog? Trust: I get hives. And Pendennis hates taking me into the doctor for the hives, so he’s usually willing to pick three if I look itchy.

What have you picked today, Pendennis?

(Pendennis stares, says nothing.)

Pendennis does not speak the English language (or any other language), so he can’t answer. Well, he won’t answer, let’s put it that way. But he will pick three for you tonight; you’ll see. And, because there appear to be lots of new readers all the time around here (hello, I love you, tell me your name) it’s especially exciting to have P. picking some posts from the past. Just think of all the new readers don’t know about the monkey and me!

Take it away, Pendennis. You had me at hello.

Pendennis Pick No. 1: ‘Lily’s Big Day(s) Out’
This was special. A blog reader and fan asked me for advice about her trip to Chicago with her niece. Would I give them some tips, she asked? Would I give tips?? I did more than that because how cool! I met Lily and Rita at the hotel and we had a Grand Day in Chicago. It was so cool. This is part one and this is part two. (Lily, hi!! Girl, how are you???)

Pendennis Pick No. 2: ‘I Literally Moved Your Cheese, Lindsay’
On a gig in Florida (I think?) I accidentally took the pre-sliced, pre-ordered cheese out of a bin at a Publix and bought it and definitely ate it. This is an open letter to the woman whose cheese I unwittingly stole and enjoyed. But I didn’t know I stole it! I couldn’t have enjoyed it if I knew it was contraband.

Pendennis Pick No. 3: ‘A Bird Pooped On My Head’
What else is there to say? It happened in Washington, D.C., and I remember everything about this moment. It’s nice to have the record, though.

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