PaperGirl Placeholder: The Muppets’ Habanera

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The Muppets perform "Habanera," from Bizet's "Carmen." Link below.
The Muppets perform “Habanera,” from Bizet’s “Carmen.” Link below.

It happened.

I wrote an entire post that did not save. A whole post about how to make your man happy on Valentine’s Day. It’s totally gone. I am very tired, and this will prevent me from writing something entirely new. I haven’t the heart to rewrite the disappeared post, heavens no; it’s depressing to rewrite something missing, like trying to slow dance with yourself at the prom.

And so, because I care about PaperGirl more than my beauty rest, I shall at least take the time to compose a PaperGirl Placeholder, a concept I’ve been kicking up for a little while. I made a pledge and intend to keep it, but sometimes (like now) work is so intense I have a little trouble keeping up with everything.

The PaperGirl Placeholder tonight is one of my favorite video clips in the known universe. Of course, it comes to us by way of The Muppets. Click on the link below, enjoy, and I will see you in the morning.

Thank you, Beaker.

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  1. Andres
    | Reply

    The dog ate my homework.

  2. Phill K
    | Reply

    Actually, this is not Beaker’s finest moment. That probably is his most heartfelt rendition of “feelings;”

    Appropriate considering the holiday at hand. I was reflecting upon the lack of exploration of the characters Beaker, Professor Bunsen, and the Swedish Chef in the muppet universe yesterday afternoon (strange, huh?).

    It’s most disturbing to lose a wall of text that you just have just typed. It has happened to me on more than one occasion, and I have thought that it would be neat to have a browser plugin that could prevent such a dreadful experience. Considering how programmable computers are and all.

    Think about what you wrote, and return to the subject and rewrite it, but make it better. Protip: use google gmail to write it as if you were composing an email (as gmail autosaves), then copy and paste it into whatever box you need to. You can also use the free software Openoffice as that also can be set to autosave, (if it does not do so out of the box). I understand that these tools may not be comfortable for you to use, as writers need to have their own peculiar ways, methods, and devices in order to organize their words right. So that may not be the best.

    Maybe I could find the inspiration to program a browser plugin that would save humanity from these episodes of computer imposed misfortunes.

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