How To Get Over Moving Out: Squeegee

Cinemax "after dark" film still? No, the ad campaign for The Cleret squeegee. From the ad: The Cleret squeegee is recognized as one of the finest shower squeegees in the world!"
Cinemax “after dark” film still? No, an ad for a Cleret Squeegee. Apparently, “The Cleret ” squeegee is “recognized as one of the finest shower squeegees in the world!”

A brief move-out update, then a “real” post to get caught up.

In writing a note to my new tenants, levity came in on goofy little angel wings and I found peace about leaving Chicago and my condo behind (for now.)

The note I needed to write was a brief-but-thorough list of “what to know’s” about my apartment, e.g., the maintenance guys will fix that spot in the hallway ceiling this week, the laundry cards are here, help yourself to the contents of the liquor cabinet, etc. One of the last items was my request that they squeegee the shower in the master bathroom.

Squeegee. Squeegee?? That is possibly the best word there is.

From the note:

2. Please squeegee the master shower. Is this finicky? Maybe. But I just put that shower in and I know from my squeegee-loving mother than if you give the glass the once over with the squeegee after you’re done showering, you won’t have those awful, cloudy water stains on your shower glass. Please squeegee. (Also, if you’re feeling burnt out on your studies — or feeling sad about leaving the city you love, ahem — I recommend writing the word “squeegee” several times as I have just done.)

My tenants probably think I’m in insane. But, just like that, writing squeegee that many times, sitting at the gate at Midway, waiting for my flight to LGA, I felt better. Like, totally better.

I also had to get over myself and my melancholy because I had a back brush and a teakettle in my carryon. They wouldn’t fit in the suitcase.

Squeegee, teakettle.

New York.

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  1. Lee
    | Reply

    I am so glad I am following your blog and double glad I purchased your new book . First time I put a book on a device……love the book, but maybe I need the book in my hands. Any advice on adapting to a quilt book on a kindle? Lee

  2. holly conner
    | Reply

    I’m a long time shower squeegeeer! I’m sure you just smiled sweetly at the TSA officials & let them build their own story about your carryon. Totally predictable items for flying–You weren’t going to ask a total stranger it scratch your back (I wouldn’t tell them why your back would be itchy.) As for the teakettle, lukewarm tea water is awful so you don’t want to tell them how to make tea, you just want a good cup of tea. Hope flight went well.

  3. Lisa D.
    | Reply

    Yes, Mary,
    We are also squeegeeers at our house. The water here has so many minerals in it that even if you squeegee, there will be clouds! LJust think if we didn’t! Like life… and there can still be clouds… doesn’t mean that there won’t be rain too, at times(figurative.) But… If you’re gonna worry, don’t pray , if you’re gonna pray, don’t worry, and like you I know, always have your tea pot too. But with the law of squeegee, you must occasionally use the window cleaner concentrate “straight” on the windows. As for life we squeegee with prayer, at full strength!
    May God Bless Your Paths,
    Cosmic Twin,
    ….squeegee, squeegee, squeegee…etc.

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