White Out: Color Me Quilter Loves You

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The series is white hot.
The series is white hot.

On Wednesday next week, my popular webinar series is examining white in our quilts. When you make quilts, white — and all its gorgeous variations: bone, oyster, muslin, snow, cream, etc. — is not a “non-color.” White brings breath, space, and contrast to the rainbow of color that is our palette.

In case you’ve never watched a webinar, it’s really fun. My series is dense with information but entertaining, too. I mean, come on. It’s me. You know there are going to be a few monkey jokes in there. But I treat quilting with great respect and I’m a history and design nerd, so you’ll get your money’s worth.

Here is some anonymous feedback from folks who have joined the Color Me Quilter webinars over the past few months — so you don’t have to take my word for it.

Click on the “Webinars” tab on my homepage to get your ticket. And thanks.

“New interesting aspects to approach to choose colors – helps me with my quilts.”

“Changed how I look at the colour black – I usually think of it as a “non-color” to use when I can’t find anything else. Now I will look at Black as a key component of any colour grouping.”

“I am fairly new to quilting; quilting courses not easily available in my location so it is extremely beneficial to have an update on some of the basics – bindings, quilting techniques, applique etc.”

“Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to the next program I participate in.”

“I downloaded the seminar so that I can go over it again. Usually, a second reading like going back through my magazines, I find something I missed. Reminds me of reading stories to my young children the 20th time. Find those small details!”

I wanted to use more black and found the accent colors that she used very helpful.

“A lot more information than I thought. I didn’t even know there was that much to know about the color yellow — my favorite!”

“It was great to have both Mary and Marianne on the webinar.  Each offered their perspective which was very interesting.  Blue is a favorite color of mine as well.  I particularly enjoyed the history of blue. Indigo is amazing!” [Note: Mom was a special guest on “Blue.”]

“Mary’s an AWESOME presenter … very entertaining and motivating – a great teacher on quilting.”

“The historical information about popular color combinations of the past was very interesting. The slides were well-chosen.”

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