Big Story On Quilts in the Chicago Tribune Today!

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Me in the library at SAIC with the paper today! Photo: Me and the computer.
Me in the library at SAIC with the paper today! Photo: Me and the computer.


I posted this on Facebook already, but for the subscribers out there who aren’t on Facebook, you gotta check this out! There’s a big, juicy story in the Chicago Tribune on quilting — political quilts specifically. I had a 2-hour interview with the writer, a photographer came to my home to take my portrait, and I wish there had been room for many, many more quilts, quotes, quilters, and pictures, but this is pretty darned good.

Anytime the mainstream media covers the quilt industry, we should all celebrate.

Here’s a link to the article. Thank you to Cindy at the Tribune for caring about quilts in America; thanks to all of you for teaching me so much about them.

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  1. Susan
    | Reply

    Fascinating read Mary! Didnt realise that there were so many quilters in the USA!

    Just discovering your videos, i am a newbie quilter….you are the BEST,

    Love from Cape Town, South Africa ( busy making my placard now for a peoples march tomorrow against our corrupt president)

  2. Patty
    | Reply

    excellent article!

  3. Barbara
    | Reply

    Once again Mary you have given us a wonderful post!! I have been reading Gering and Kimber’s blogs for years and have found truth, eye opening experiences, and quilting possibilities.

    Political quilts are making us – Stop – Look – and – Listen – to this world around us. Shouldn’t quilts mirror our life?

    We haven’t lost Thanksgiving – we just need to reach across the table with open minds and hearts. Change can only happen with good conversation.

    As always “Thank You” Mary!

  4. Cathy
    | Reply

    I know everyone has an opinion and rightfully so; however, I think a quilt should bring comfort and not controversy. I would definitely be one that would “walk past” these wall hangings. Don’t throw stones!

  5. Mrs. Plum
    | Reply

    Thanks for your thoughtful article, Mary. Kudos to the Chicago Tribune for realizing the need to print it. What we consider traditional today at one time was new and different. Life evolves and keeps changing–it always has. There seems to be an atmosphere of intolerance in our world now that kindness and dialogue could go a long way to alleviating. Thanks for helping us on that journey, Mary.

  6. Nadine donovan
    | Reply

    Great article! Enjoyed reading it!

  7. Judy Forkner
    | Reply

    Thanks for the link to this great article!

  8. Susan
    | Reply

    Quilts are works of art! So wonderful that quilters can use this medium as a means of expression….

  9. Nann
    | Reply

    I noted that some people (quiltmakers) were “incensed” that quilts made political statements. Had the images in those quilts been rendered in another medium — oil paint, acrylic, multi-mediia collage, whatever — would the people have protests so much? It’s not only that “great art does not have to match your sofa,” but also “quilt art does not have to be slept under.”

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