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Young woman with suitcase, Hollywood, 1942. Image: Wikipedia.
Young woman with suitcase, Hollywood, 1942. Image: Wikipedia.


Tomorrow morning, pre-dawn, I leave Philly and return to Chicago.

I’m there for three days of class and working in the newspaper office and then it’s to Iowa to tape episodes of Love of Quilting with Mom. After we wrap TV, I go back to Chicago, and then I go to New England on assignment.

School began last week, and I love everything. I’m reading Mann’s Dr. Faustus; I’m polishing up an essay I worked on this summer so that I can fork it over in workshop next week; I’m preparing for a newspaper staff retreat tomorrow and an open meeting for writers on Monday.

It does feel sometimes that I do not know how to do less than this.

I’m not beleaguered. I’m not complaining. I’ve chosen all these activities, all these tasks. I’m the one who can stay put. Only I can say “later”, or say “no”. But I don’t. I never do. Not unless I’m forced to, and whatever tries to force me has to get past me first. I’m not competitive with other people, but I try to best myself every day. Is it a fair fight? Me against me?


I met so many incredible quilters these past two days in the Philly area. No matter where I go, no matter how tired I might be or how many other things are weighing down on me, quilters bolster me, build me up. It happens every time and it’s real.


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  1. Elizabeth Stracener
    | Reply

    Yay! Chicago!

  2. Jo Chalk
    | Reply

    Mary,you will never regret having said yes to all the things you decide to do. Remember a line from Auntie Mame, ” life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death”. Your banquet plate is full! Now, on to more adventures!

  3. Jeanann
    | Reply

    “Me against me” indeed!

  4. Deb Sentman
    | Reply

    Hope you enjoyed your stay in our beloved City of Sisterly Affection!

  5. Colleen
    | Reply
  6. Mark
    | Reply

    Safe Travels

  7. Dolores Boule
    | Reply

    Happy to see you ‘living’, Mary, but anxious to see you back on Tv, teaching quilting with Mom. Miss you.

  8. Barbara
    | Reply

    Where in New England will you be? Also, will you let us know when the episodes with your wonderful mom will be broadcast.
    I so miss your Quilty show.

    Be safe and enjoy all your upcoming “stuff”, we all enjoy doing stuff we really love to do!!

    Have you been watching the latest hurricane (Irma). It’s so good to see people doing good things for others. The man who gave
    up the last generator in the store to a women whose father is on oxygen. In turn, the store gave this wonderful, generous man a free generator when they received another shipment. It did my heart good. Sometimes, I cry more from happiness than from sadness.

  9. Kathryn Darnell
    | Reply

    In all your travels, meetings, deadlines and taping TV shows your smile is the first thing people see. So looking forward to seeing the dynamic duo on Fons and Porter again. I will grab my coffee and enjoy the reunion! Remember to breathe.

  10. Carole
    | Reply

    I am so happy you will be back taping with your mom. Both of you are so missed!
    Cram in all you can Life is so short!

  11. Kim Ingber
    | Reply

    Thank you for a very enjoyable and inspiring weekend of interesting lectures and informative workshops! I loved every minute of it and hope you’ll return to Philadelphia again soon. Your warm and welcoming way of putting us all at ease made this the perfect workshop. Safe travels!

  12. Mary Spriet
    | Reply

    I too am in a Me against Me frame of mind. For instance, I recently finished a Wall hanging made out of mens neckties for a friend whose husband passed away. It is strictly an art quilt. People that have seen it said “You need to put that in a show”. But, the truth is, I don’t do it for shows. Been there, done that. I do it for me. I push myself to learn new techniques, new designs, etc… I have learned how to say no, simply because there are so many other things I need (or want) to do. But continuing to push ourselves and better ourselves is a must. We can NEVER stop learning.

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