Survey About Quilting / Feminism for My Grad School Paper

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Crazy Quilt, by Tamar Horton Harris North, 1877. Image: Newark Museum, via Wikipedia.


Hi, gang.

I posted about this on my Facebook page this morning and I already have close to 1,000 responses. If you haven’t already, I would deeply appreciate you sparing under 20 seconds (unless you answer the optional third question) to take this 100 percent anonymous survey about quilting and feminism.

This is anonymous. I don’t require you to enter your name, email address, or anything of the kind in order to contribute your answer/thoughts. I’m writing a paper for grad school that is interested in this question — I’m not out to draw conclusions right now. It’s just a study. In case you haven’t clicked over already, the questions on the survey are:

  1. Do you consider yourself a quilter? (Y/N/Maybe)
  2. Do you consider yourself a feminist? (Y/N/Maybe)
  3. Is there anything you’d like to say?

And that third question is optional.

Hey, man: I need to graduate. And before I graduate, I need to write a final paper. Before my final paper, I need to write my midterm essay. This data is going to go a long way toward allll those things. So share the survey link with your friends and family and guild members — even your cat, if she quilts! I don’t discriminate between people and cats! I’m a catiminist!

Seriously, thanks to all who take the time.

L’il Miss Study Hall

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  1. Colleen
    | Reply


    • pam
      | Reply

      Yes and yes! Quilting is a wonderful, creative, artistic outlet.

  2. kari merkel
    | Reply

    i consider myself a quilter and a feminist. Women take care of the future and a nice warm blanket is always welcome.

  3. Kay
    | Reply

    Quilter – Yes, Feminist – No.

  4. Elizabeth
    | Reply

    The tags on this crack me up!

  5. Nadine Donovan
    | Reply

    Will do Mary! Good luck! Oh- just one more thing- my cat doesn’t quilt but my dogs do!

  6. Glenda
    | Reply

    Sewing gives me an outlet and the cat enjoys it too. She writes a column for the newsletter.

  7. Barbara
    | Reply

    Yes, Yes, quilting is a great comfort to me since my husband is gone. The problem is the conversations are so one-sided but the end results are usually pretty and make wonderful gifts.

  8. Linda Duff`
    | Reply

    I just completed my survey for you! Good luck with everything!

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