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Seattle tower sunset.jpg
Sleeping in Seattle tonight. Image: Wikipedia.


Some nights are list nights.

Tonight is a list night, not a narrative night. The list is the list of reasons why this is the case. And so, rather than disappear; rather than put something substandard into the multiverse; rather than not write a list I feel ought to be written, the list.


Why The Latest Installment of The Story of the Breakdown
Cannot Be Posted At This Time


  1. I’m in Seattle and it’s 10:43 p.m. This means it’s after midnight in Chicago, aka PaperGirl basecamp. The PaperGirl Sunday Evening Post has a deadline of midnight on Sunday, Central Standard Time (CST). Being in Seattle at half-past 10:00, Pacific Standard Time (PST) means my deadline is all mucked up, now. I blame Earth and its orbit around the sun. The point is that time is not on anyone’s side right now, unless you live in Seattle. (See rest of list.)


  1. I ate fish and chips for dinner and my stomach is killing me.


  1. The next installment — the installment this post is replacing — was scrapped. The reason for abandoning my work was that this particular chapter involves the people in my life who are the most close and dear to me and no matter how I massaged or clipped or edited the content in order to protect their privacy and respect their lives, it felt wrong to invoke their names in this story without permission. Even though what I was writing was laudatory and even worshipful of these people — my friends —  there was a voice inside me that told me to ask first. I didn’t anticipate this happening because again: Everything I was writing was praise. But if you don’t want to have your life “out there” on the interwebs, it doesn’t matter if you’re being lambasted or praise; it’s all transgression. So I have to make some calls, first.


  1. A few months back, Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims invited me to be on The Quilt Show. I taped my segments on Thursday. The moment my second segment finished, I zipped to the airport to come directly here. When I go home Tuesday, I’ll have a few days in Chicago before heading to New Orleans to be part of a conference at Tulane. With all this location hopping, it’s almost like I’m living in 2018, and that scares me a little. Exhaustion played a big part in the breaking down. In the months since, I have been wary of “pushing it”. I’m pushing it. In other words, I should go to bed.


  1. There’s a special person in Seattle and he’s right over there. With ice cream. And two spoons.



21 Responses

  1. Kathy
    | Reply

    Welcome to Seattle. Sorry the weather isn’t as wonderful as it was earlier last week.

  2. Irene ruiz
    | Reply

    If you have time, come to Whidbey Island. Relax, unwind and enjoy our beaches and views.

  3. Robyn
    | Reply

    Go for the special person with ice cream 🙂 We will look forward to reading whatever you choose to share in your own time.

  4. Sherry
    | Reply

    Take it easy, dear girl, and enjoy your ice cream!

    • Liz Sonnenfeld
      | Reply

      Ice cream makes everything better (especially if you share it with someone special). Enjoy Seattle

  5. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Ooh, a special person with ice cream… and two spoons! Swirls of romance dance in my head

  6. Karen
    | Reply

    Glad you checked in. I was worried! The Story of the Breakdown can wait. We are a patient sort. Be happy and do NOT “push” it!

  7. Nancy
    | Reply

    I’m very glad that you are trying not to “push it”. We can wait to hear the “end of the story”.

  8. Donna
    | Reply

    I am glad you are making yourself a priority and taking care of yourself. We all can wait until the time is right for you.

  9. elizabeth a hinze
    | Reply

    Enjoy that person right over there : )

  10. Kathy Callahan
    | Reply

    Mary, Mary, your list is all number 1s. But understandable number 1s. With all the jumping around you DO need to rest. We’ll be here when you are ready! ❤️

  11. Lindsey
    | Reply

    How will you have time for Philip Larkin with all your travelling? You are a busy woman and you must have it figured out, but…just sayin’. This is said from the perspective of a 72 year old woman with 2 dogs on her lap who is hoping to stay home today. I thrive on predictability.

  12. Georgeanna Couldry
    | Reply

    You take your time. Write the rest of it or not. It’s not that I don’t care. I do! But this is your life, your family, your friends. You do what YOU need to do. Don’t worry about us out here in internetland. We’ll be OK as long as we know you’re OK. REALLY OK! Have you thought about going to a therapist? That would be a very healthy thing to do. You could tell her things you don’t fell comfortable to say here. We’re all rooting for you out here. GO MARY!
    PS. It’s good to here you have someone special.

  13. Joan
    | Reply

    Welcome to Seattle. Welcome to the Pacific North West. Sorry about the fish and chips.

  14. Nancy McFall
    | Reply

    Enjoy the ice cream. This is your story, tell it in your own way.

  15. Bob Collis
    | Reply

    Love from Portland!
    I’m glad you need two spoons!

  16. Patrice Marie
    | Reply

    Now I know why you didn’t call me! I would have met you in Seattle in a jiffy! I hope the ice cream was Olympic Mountain. There is NO other!


    Maybe next time!

  17. Wilma Bland
    | Reply

    Ice Cream for 2 in Seattle –it brings back memories — My mind saving time in Seattle back in the day was chowder for 1 at Ivar’s that turned into dinner for 2 with Ivar himself helping me salvage the remnants of myself following a major meltdown. So I hope that ice cream with company helped in Seattle. If not, find the Chihuly garden at Seattle Center.

  18. MK
    | Reply

    The final item on the list is the best reason for the list.

  19. Britiney
    | Reply

    Hugs, Mary.

  20. JD
    | Reply

    Seems interesting…

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