Desperately Seeking Pencil Friend.

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Drool. Photo: CW Pencils.
Drool. Photo: CW Pencils.

All readers of the ol’ PG are valued, but there are a handful of you who get a clandestine extra squirt of chocolate sauce on your sundae. There are three readers or so who actually send me three-dimensional objects, otherwise known as “gifts.” Margaret’s Pocket Pendennis is a good example; Mark, you are way past due for your very own post and don’t think I don’t have you in my sights.

The other day I received a package that contained remarkable pencils. They were in a box with a full description of their origin. They write better than any pencils I’ve ever used. There was also a note in the package. Written with fine pencilmanship (bam!) the author’s optimism and bubbly personality positively lifted the page. My entire week was made.

The pencils were a gift from a reader who is a member of the Pencil of the Month Club. Yes, there is one. Yes, she’s a member. And yes, as soon as I learned of this Club, I went directly to CW Pencils’s website to sign up. I urge you to do the same and if you don’t want your pencils, you can send them to me so that I have more.

But I have found myself in a horrible situation. I cannot for the life of me remember who sent them and the note is not in the big stack of papers that I know I put it in. I asked Rita. I asked Carole. Neither of them were The Pencil Giver. Oh, Pencil Giver, I am painfully sorry. And I am almost as embarrassed as I was when this happened, but not quite. That was pretty bad.

Pencil Giver, will you email me? I have a present to send to you and a thank you card but your identity is hidden from my brain. I love my pencils so much.