I Want The Coat, Part II

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Some Dior, which is also not in my budget. Image: Wikipedia.

I haven’t been back to Neiman Marcus to drool on the coat I fell in love with the other day, but I really haven’t needed to: You guys have kept the item very much in my mind — and I love it!

The huge response to this velvet-quilt dream garment has been super fun. Some PaperGirl readers stoked my desire for that puppy and encouraged me to get it, like Melissa Seegers, who said, “Buy it! You only live once!”

Slightly more of you were reticent about the whole business, seeing as how a person could get an actual automobile for the coat’s ticket price. Not a great automobile, mind you, but if I put $1,850 toward a car I could drive to Iowa a couple times at least, or maybe make it up to Washington Island once or twice, including fuel and McDonald’s.

Pamela Keown said, “Mary! You are a seamstress! All quilters are seamstresses. You can have this coat. Start looking for fabrics. And get busy if you want to wear it this year. If next year is soon enough, you’ve got some time. You CAN DO IT!!”

Oh, Pammie-Pam-Pam. In a fantasy-unicorn-dark-matter-galaxy-of-wonder, I have time to do this and I love your faith in me, but in this galaxy, it ain’t gonna happen. I adore you for suggesting I make a facsimile of a Paris-based, Vogue-darling designer’s velvet coat on my own. It’s a good solution, but it is not the solution for Mary at this time.*

After all the discussion (you know I read all your comments and love them, even if I can’t often respond), I remain resolute: Though it’s true the coat would make me a superhero, it would be irresponsible of me to purchase it right now in my life. I will have to be a superhero in my other coats, which I think is possible. No, there will be no Isabel Marant Log Cabin velvet coat for me, not yet. But I’ll be okay. (Oh, I’m sorry — let me just … wipe these tears off of my laptop … No, no, it’s okay. I’m fine. I’m just  allergic … to … sadness. Really, I’m good. Is there a bartender? Anywhere?)

The other fun thing about the coat post was being surprised that so many people were eager to respond with their thoughts on the situation. (Same for the copyediting post!) I’ve written here on the ol’ PG about fashion before, you know; if you click on the “Fashion” category there on the righthand side of the screen, you will see all the posts that I’ve ever written here that have to do with clothes, style, etc. I think this special coat has been the most popular of the Fashion posts and I’m sure it’s because it’s quilty-looking. That’s just fine with me. But it made me wonder if I had another Fashion post in me that would garner this much discussion.

I think I do.

Tomorrow, I’m going to post about the things that look good on me and the things that are a disaster. It’s a balanced list, believe me; at 38, I have a solid understanding of what looks great on me — or, at least, what I feel great wearing, which is usually the same thing?? — and what makes me feel (and look) like the dog’s breakfast.

I’ll bet you’ve got your list, too, but don’t tell me, yet! Tell me when I give you my “style guide,” as it were. That’s for tomorrow.

You know what I love? I love writing this blog. I love that you’re out there and you’ve been out there all this time. We have a good thing going, don’t we, now.


p.s. I just thought about how Isabel Marant should offer to send me any quilt-like garments to wear as promotional items!!! Seriously, do you think I should write to her??? Okay, okay: dumb idea. But what if I organized a letter-writing campaign and we flooded her office?? #lol #seriouslythough #maryfonsformarant

*special shout out to Jeanne B. who told me Santa may have heard my plea. Yo, Santa! How you doin’??