Happy Veterans Day! (Belated.)

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The mighty Economy block. Yeah, I know my seam allowance is pretty skimpy up top. Nobody's perfect. Block and image: Me
I know my seam allowance on this Economy block is pretty skimpy up top. Nobody’s perfect. Block and image: Me.


Happy Veterans Day!

Yes, it was yesterday. I come to you with no small amount of shame that I didn’t get this posted before now, but I had company yesterday that I had to get ready for and I was still wiped out from a trip to Kansas City to visit the radiant and multi-talented 180 members of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. Ladies (and gent), it was a pleasure. It was more than that, but I need to take care of important business:

Happy Veterans Day!

Remember when I said that casting your vote in any state or national election is a thank-you to our veterans? Well, so is a straight-up thank you, so that’s what this is.

Thank you for protecting our freedom to vote. Thank you for protecting our shores and and our skies from those who want to harm us. By “us” I mean, like, my mom. And my sisters. And my friends. And all the wonderful people I met in Kansas City this week. That’s what “us” is to me, and of course it means you and your friends and loved ones, too. My ex-husband was in the Army. I know a small amount of the hard work and training and sacrifices you make, every day, for this republic.

Confession: Everything that has been going on with this tumultuous election has been distracting me and that’s partly why I was zonked yesterday and didn’t get this thank-you posted. But your service is the reason we can have free and safe elections at all, so I’m doubly embarrassed.

To all the women and men who have served, are serving, or plan to serve and potentially die for the freedoms I enjoy as an American: Thank you for your service. We love you.