Gimmie A Peach! Quilting LIVE! in Atlanta

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When I saw the poster for the show, I thought, "When did I pose for this?" But it is not me. I don't know who it is, but we have a similar forehead.
When I saw the poster for the show, I thought, “When did I pose for this?” But it is not me. 

I am bound for Atlanta.

This weekend is the big Quilting LIVE! show — an event so jam-packed with excitement, the organizers had to deploy caps lock and an exclamation point in the naming of it.

It really is going to be neat. Many wonderful speakers and teachers will be there, including my mother, Liz Porter, Mark Lipinski, Debby Kratovil, as well as friends Ebony Love and Victoria Findlay Wolfe, and Diane Tomlinson of Team Quilty. I just named about 10% of the great/luminary folks who will be at the show, so please google it and see for yourself all the reasons you should come on over if that makes sense for your life in the next four days.

Aside from the classes I’m teaching and the book signings and the Quilty magazine gallery walks I’ll be doing, I’m honored to be the interviewer/moderator for a very special luncheon with my mother and Liz. I’ll be asking them questions about their history, the Fons & Porter story, where they see quilting in America headed — all that and more. Plus: lunch! It’s going to be very cool and I plan to watch several James Lipton clips on YouTube before Friday to bone up on technique.

If you’re in the area, come see the show. So many quilts. So many fantastic people. It’s the quilt industry. It’s fun.