My Hair Struggle: Back In 5 Minutes!

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Graffiti in Shoreditch, London, c. 2014. Image: Wikipedia.



I haven’t forgotten about the all-important follow-up to my last post. Believe me, this is knowledge I am excited to share and many of you said you’re looking forward to the intel. But yesterday got kookoo-bananas and today is the same; it’s maybe even double kookoo-bananas. I don’t often do a “sorry I can’t post” post — it’s like, just do it or don’t, Fons — but I really left you hanging last time and I feel bad. Saying I’m gonna write something straight away and then not doing it is no bueno. Pendennis let me know in no uncertain terms.

So it looks like I can get back here to write Part II tonight or I create blog magic tomorrow. Either way, you shall not be kept in suspense much longer, I promise. I know you’re arranging your entire day around the ol’ PG. (Just kidding. Unless … Are you?? I love it.)

Yours In Bananas,
Mary + Pendennis