POP QUIZ!!! (See You Next Week)

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Doing repairs in China. Image: Wikipedia.


Pop Quiz! 

1. What has Mary put off for a long time?

a) revenge, served cold
b) that library fine
c) website maintenance
d) all of the above
e) B and C, but not A

2. IF one of the things Mary has put off includes website maintenance, why might she have put it off?

a) lol
b) expensive
c) confusing, scary
d) while it happens, she can’t blog
e) the mob is involved
f) A, B, C, and D, but not E

3. What’s so interesting about mobsters in the 1920s? Why is that still a thing?

a) speakeasies
b) cigars, hats
c) cool cars
d) funny voices
e) spangles
f) all of the above

4. True or False: Mary really does have to do maintenance on her (old, poo-ey) website because there have been horrifying email problems and extra charges and it’s just been a big ball of awful for too long.


5. True or False: Mary really won’t be able to blog while the maintenance happens. It’ll take about a week. The whole website will be down, not just the blog. It’s the only way!

T        F

6. Short Answer: If Mary is driving in Louisiana going 54 miles an hour in a 45 mph zone and she sees lights flashing behind her, will she get a speeding ticket and will she miss you and the ol’ PG while the website maintenance is being done this week?

Does Pendennis eat candy-corn punkins?? (Yes, and yes.) 

Well, that’s not surprising: You got 100 percent! I’ll see you in a week, gang. The website is going to look broken, but it’ll only be down for maintenance for a minute. It’s high time and probably good timing: My thesis is due in 2.5 weeks. I’ll stay in touch on Facebook, though, so look for me over there while Julie Feirer does her magic. Thank you, Julie.