I Get Letters.

posted in: Day In The Life 8

I am on TV, so that means I get letters. Here’s one now.


I just wish he were more clear about what he wants me to do.

This is the envelope. Address and name redacted. Check out the lower lefthand corner, there. Let’s see what he has to say:

Prison LetterI just wish he were more clear about what he wants me to do.

Listen, I actually didn’t freak out or feel too strange about it. So he wants to see my toes. So what? I have a rule: My wardrobe on camera is never dictated by the audience. I have enough sense to wear appropriate things, so whether a viewer is a grandmother who hates my shirt (I’ve gotten that letter before) or an inmate that wants to see my pedicure (see above) it matters little to me. I will wear the shirts I please and the shoes I please, open-toed or not.

Regarding this most recent inmate letter: I didn’t post it so we could all laugh at this guy. He’s done something heinous enough to land in prison, so none of us necessarily need to twist ourselves into knots to celebrate his humanity, but no one should be made to look like a fool; thus, a redacted name, which I would’ve done anyway, jail, foot-fetish or not. But the letter is entertaining, for sure, and I thought you all might get a kick out of it. What’s fascinating to me is that it’s the foot thing that strikes me as more remarkable than the prison part.

Isn’t just fabulous to get something like this in the mail?