“The Picture of Health”

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"The picture of health."
“The picture of health.”

It’s not often one does a google image search and comes up totally empty-handed, but if you’re searching for something truly obscure, it’s possible that there will be a “No results found for [blank]” message. To give you an example of how rare an occurance this is, I tried to think of something that for sure could not turn up any image results whatsoever. I typed in “Beckett peanut butter sandwich.”

Tons of results. Thousands.

It came as a great surprise, therefore, when I entered in (in quotes) the common phrase, “the picture of health” to find an image for this blog post and got the “No results found for ‘the picture of health'” message. Really? That surprised me. Though there were images for the picture of health without quotes, they were not what I expected, really. I suppose I thought I’d get beaming cherubic children, or expensive stock photographs of doctor/patient interactions, etc.

The best of the lot was the above picture from the Department of Health Sciences and Technology in Zurich. It’s unclear what’s going on, here, but there’s at least one object visible there in the office that one is not allowed to touch; judging from the intricacy of the robot-lobster the older fellow is strapped into, I suspect there are a few more.

I wanted to find a picture of the picture of health to be ironic. I’m not exactly the picture of health but I’m better than I was on Monday. This whole week was a bit of a wash, I’m afraid. When I was actively feeling very poorly, I was flat on my back. That was a couple days. Then there was a Doctor Day, when I got some disturbing news that I’ll share tomorrow (too tired, psychically and physically, at the moment, to go there), and then there were a couple days of Getting Back on My Feet. Today, I was hale and hearty enough to finish a quilt top and eat some chorizo scrambled eggs, so I’d say ground has been gained.

Thank you to all the well-wishers — you shall be justly rewarded. I’m not sure how or when or if I’ll have a lick to do with it, but surely something positive must come when we send funny texts and things to those who need a laff.

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  1. Penny
    | Reply

    Hang in there, Mary! Sending good juju….( wonder if that would show up in Google…must go look)

  2. Cruz
    | Reply

    Glad to hear that you are up and quilting!

  3. Andres
    | Reply

    Let’s caption that photo: “Don’t break my monitor with your ridiculous robo-arm”.

  4. Karen
    | Reply

    I just googled “hale and hearty”. There’s a chain of soup restaurants in NYC by that name! Sounds like a great place to get a boost next time you need chicken soup (unless it’s run by the Soup Nazi!).

    • Mary Fons
      | Reply

      It’s a great spot, Karen! I have noshed there several times so far! 🙂

  5. Lisa D.
    | Reply

    Almost C.T. Lisa here. Hope you are feeling better every minute! No GI issues here, so I haven’t surfed that wave, as you have. Had peritonitis after appendectomy once -so I kinda get it. Hang ten chickly, and wear that wet suit, and ride babe. You have heart!! I know you do “all the things”, but be good to yourself and save some of that hoodspa -Chutzpah for the long ride. From Wikipedia “The modern English usage of the word has taken on a broader meaning, having been popularized through vernacular use in film, literature, and television. The word is sometimes interpreted—particularly in business parlance—as meaning the amount of courage, mettle or ardor that an individual has.”
    Love From Out West.

  6. Lisa D.
    | Reply

    P.S. I have been told buy everyone that has had some of my soup.. that I have the skills of the Soup guy popularized on the Seinfeld show.. I won’t use that word.. Dad fought them in WWII from his P-51. .. so if you are out where the west begins, you have a bowl of the best waiting for you here. Just write let me know you are coming, and you can have all you can eat… warm organic corn tortillas on the side. Don’t worry I have never turned anyone away as that soup guy in NY does.

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