Breaking The Bad Bitmoji News.

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I think I've got it? Bitmoji by me using Bitmoji app.
Close enough. Image: My bitmoji avatar made by using Bitmoji app on my phone.


Someone said to me recently, “You’re all over social media!” and I was surprised to hear that because it’s really not the case.

I’ve seen legit social media masters and that ain’t me. Believe me, I see the benefits of being all up in the social media game, posting this video and re-tweeting that, but the only way I can increase my social media reach is to do more social media and I just don’t have it in me.

Being a blogger isn’t the same as being a social media whiz. When I write a blog post, I always let folks know by posting to Facebook and to Google+. And yes, I do enjoy Instagram, but I go in spurts: I’ll be stuck in a coffee line and post a few shots before I get to the register. But I resigned from Twitter because I don’t want to send text messages to the world. I have taken in some light Snapchatting, but I must be too old for Periscope — and I never made a single Vine. I don’t even play games on my phone! By the way, I know Pokemon Go is a game, but is it a social media gamey thing? Like, do you follow people’s games? Probably. I doubt I shall never know.

But it’s time for another confession. I do have a goofy app thing that I love. I love Bitmojis.

Using bitmojis is definitely not using a social media platform, but if I socialize with it via text messages, does that count?

In case you don’t know — you probably do — Bitmoji is an app for your phone that allows you to create a cartoon of yourself and then gives you hundreds of “bitmoji” illustrations to choose from to express hundreds of different emotions in your text messages, from “I love you” to “It’s red wine night!” to “Busted!!” to… Many other strange things, e.g., you, as a unicorn, blasting off a rainbow that kind of looks like a fart. It’s so much fun! I’m amazed at how much my bitmoji looks like me and how much my sisters’ bitmojis look like them. Sophie’s got a good one, too.

But yesterday I had a rather awkward text conversation with a friend of mine who is in his early fifties and made his bitmoji.

My friend’s bitmoji did not look like him. Actually, that’s not true: My friend’s bitmoji looked like him about 30 years ago. There were no lines on his face. He put himself in a polka dot shirt for crying out loud — he’s a t-shirt n’ sweater vest kind of fellow — and the body shape he chose for his bitmoji was rather…optimistic. All of these things I tried to tell him super diplomatically when he asked what I thought, but I when he texted me that he was depressed after hearing the feedback but followed up immediately with an “LOL, jk!!!” I knew we had a problem.

When Sigmund Freud was 63, he wrote about being horrified on the train one day when he realized the elderly gentleman he was observing was his own reflection. When I waited tables at Tweet, I worked for dear Michelle, who told me once, “It’s amazing to me when I give a man a wink and then I remember, “Oh yeah: I’m old. How about that.” My friend’s off-the-mark bitmoji showed me that we stay on intimate terms with younger versions of ourselves. Every once in awhile I see a picture of myself and I think, “How about that.” It’s not that I’m one foot in the grave; it’s that I’m not twenty — even if I feel like it. (I often do.)

Bitmoji did not pay me to write this post, unfortunately, but I do encourage everyone to go make one and enjoy it; but make it true to how you look. It’s more fun that way.

p.s. Were you just thinking, “Hey, I wish I could read a funny, extremely short play”? I gotcher’ play right here!

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  1. Jody
    | Reply

    Yes, I must confess that I am in denial. Am now 60 and I do mentally see myself much younger then reality hits when I see myself in the mirror. Love your blog Mary!!

  2. Britiney
    | Reply

    My sister talked me into using bitmoji, but (and maybe this is just on iOS) you have to agree to let the app developer access all of your keyboard strokes, including everything you type or have EVER typed on your keyboard. EEEEK! I tend to log into my bank account, and such, and just wasn’t comfortable with that. And so, alas, I live without bitmoji. :O(

    • Mary
      | Reply

      Woah! I knew it was too good to be true! #dilemma

  3. Safta Sue
    | Reply

    Boy, do I know that feeling! How can I have kids in their forties if I am only 39?

  4. Sarah
    | Reply

    No such thing as a free lunch, folks.

  5. Gail Ruff
    | Reply

    My son didn’t mince words the first time I sent him a text with a Bitmoji that looked like me. His immediate response was, “Gee Mom, it really does look like you, only a younger version.“ He does get to the point. Wish I had an emoji for this comment, LOL.

    Yes, there seems to be a Bitmoji for every occasion, even “Ruff Day” for me!! Luvit:)

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