You Can Blog, Too! (I’m Teaching in November)

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Gleacher Center, 2001. Cityfront Plaza, Chicago. Photo: David Wilson via Wikipedia.
Gleacher Center, 2001. Cityfront Plaza, Chicago. Photo: David Wilson via Wikipedia.


The First-Ever PaperGirl Essay Contest proved what I already knew: There are writers among us.

For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the Second-Ever PaperGirl Essay Contest, you shall have your chance soon; I’m thinking I’ll announce the next topic around Thanksgiving. But I’ll bet that some of you have dreams bigger than a one-time essay, hm? I’ll bet some of you wonder if you might like to start a blog.

Oh yeah, baby.

It’s a cool thing, having a blog. In fact, the ol’ PG is one of the best things in my life and has been one of the best things in my life for many years. Look how dedicated I am! I post 4-5 times a week, most weeks, and that’s while I’m in school and doing All The Things. Writing a blog must be pretty great, right? You bet it’s great, and you should start one of your own if you have been thinking about that. But there are things to know before you start, trust me on that.

Well, if you’ve been thinking about writing a blog — or writing, period, no blog necessary — and if you live in Chicago or can get here without too much trouble, you’re in luck: I’m teaching blogging for the University of Chicago Writer’s Studio again in November! The class meets once a week for four weeks, Tuesday mornings from 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.; we’ve got a cozy classroom downtown, right off Michigan Avenue at the Gleacher Center at Cityfront Plaza.

Doesn’t that just sound great? You, me, classmates, blog writing exercises, reading homework, quick lessons in WordPress, and workshop time? By that date on the calendar it’ll be peak chai latte season, too, and my oversize sweater/cowboy boot/skinny jean game will be on point, y’all. Boom. Fall + writing class + sweater + chai latte = heaven itself.

Here’s the link to the info page. Sign up. Learn from someone who really loves this stuff and — yep, I’m going to say it — learn about yourself along the way.



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  1. Carol
    | Reply

    Will you offer an online class? Even though I live in NW Illinois, that would be a stretch. Thank you

  2. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Hi Mary. Having trouble receiving your blog on my email. It was working fine for years and suddenly (as of a week ago) it will no longer show up. Tried signing up again and then tried to sign up on my other account. Still nothing. Any ideas? I look forward to reading your blogs. I can always get it from Facebook but would love to have it arrive in my in box again. Thx and keep on writing!

  3. Patti Zwick
    | Reply

    Oh how I wish this was an online class! Would love to learn these things.
    I look forward to all the things you write about. Thank you.

  4. Shiela
    | Reply

    Good Morning!! I’m LOVING your posts!!!! Really enjoyed the tv quilt show with your Mom….I learned sooo much from you two.

    I’m currently trying to find a way to help out with the family budget. I was married for 24 yrs – to the wrong guy!! We dated for 7 yrs before we married. Did ok -not great! – but ok till 7 yrs into the marriage, our first child was born. Two years later – #2 arrived. I was fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home homeschooling Mom. Both kids are adults now. My daughter is 22 & has health issues & still lives at home. My son is almost 20 & lives at home part-time. We’re VERY close & I am blessed to have kids who actually include me in their day-to-day lives. The first marriage ended in divorce about 5 yrs ago. I took a job as activities director at a local personal care/retirement facility. Eventually my hours were cut back and I had to find other employment. I became a ‘Visiting Angel’ – home health care for the elderly. Here’s where the story gets mushy – LOL! My high school sweetheart contacted me ‘just to see how life was treating me’. And – like they say -the rest is history. He says he never got over me….carried me with him throughout the past 30+ yrs. (Awww!!!!) And I know I never got over him….he’s always been on my mind but seemed out of reach. He loves to tease me that I ‘kicked him to the curb’ in high school. And I instantly reply with ‘Yes, Dear…..but now I’ve recycled you!’ You should hear the laughs we get from THAT! We’re married now – my kids adore him & he thinks the sun, moon & stars rise & set in my kids. He gives soooo much for my kids. Not many step parents would do so much for their step kids. I am truly blessed!!

    Here’s my situation…..I was NOT cut out to be a career woman away from home every day. Since we share one car, I’m blessed to be a stay-at-home wife/Mom again. I LOVE it!!! But it means we scrimp & save BIG time. One income is hard for people to live on in today’s world. I need to find a way to help supplement our income. Have recently had several tell me I need to write a blog. And then your post comes in. Hmmm….is someone trying to tell me something??? Unfortunately, traveling to Chicago is out for me. I sew, quilt, cook meals from scratch, garden & then can much of the produce…..I have many skills – just not ones that provide big price tags now days.

    I realize your time is in demand in MANY different directions. Was wondering tho if there would be any basics, advice, etc that you could contribute to me & others in the same situation? I’ve searched the internet, Pinterest, etc for ideas of a work-at-home legit opportunity. I just can’t figure out which blog advice is honest & which is a scam. I feel I can trust you. Any thoughts or ideas would be an awesome help!!

    Thanks so much for taking time to read this ‘book’ I’ve just written. Keep up the good work on your blog. You inspire many of us & don’t even realize it.

    Blessings to you!!!!

  5. Gina
    | Reply

    Darn… husband writes, and I was hoping this might be an online course!!!

  6. Kate
    | Reply

    This is marvelous, Mary. I’d be there but the twelve hour commute kind of stands in my way. However, I hope you and your students have a really excellent time.
    It is scary to start a blog, and putting yourself out there, open to comments from the world. However, I have made some wonderful blogging friends, and encourage anyone to try it. There isn’t a 140 character limit, so you can even use full sentences!

  7. Elaine Judd
    | Reply

    I live in the wilds of SW Washington state, so I am afraid attending class in Chicago is not even a distant dream. However, I have always had an interest in writing. I was a paralegal for many years (too many) so critical thinking and persuasive (did I spell that right?) writing come almost naturally. But it is my quirky little FaceBook posts that garner exclamations of “You should write!” I have always been a little shy about people reading my little stories – yet people do seem to enjoy them.
    I began watching Fons and Porter about four years ago, and Quilty was awesome. I finally ventured from watching to quulting and just completed quilt number 50, a Quilt of Valor for my neighbor.
    I also just started following you in your writing.
    I will be following along and just maybe I will be brave enough to submit something to your next contest.
    We shall see!

    • Elaine Judd
      | Reply

      I can clearly see trying to type on my iPad is not a great idea. Couldn’t see a thing until it posted. Gotta love all the thpos. I guess you needed a reading challenge this evening.

      • Mary
        | Reply

        I got’choo, Elaine… 😉

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