Dear Final Project: An Open Letter.

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El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, USA. Photo: Wikipedia.
This is sorta how I’m feeling about it. (El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, USA. Photo: Wikipedia.)


Dear Final Project For My Design For Writers Class:

It’s time we talked. Past time.

You are aware at this point that I’ve been putting you off and I apologize. It’s just that you seemed so far off and so achievable, though I knew as the weeks went by all term I should’ve been working on you or I’d face long hours (right about now) in front of a computer staring at InDesign files on my computer, drinking cup after cup of tea. Working on you just a little more here, a little more there over these months would have made such a difference, Final Project For My Design For Writer’s Class (FPFMDFWC) but instead, I did X or Y. Even Z, the ol’ caboose, got done several times over. Also, I went to Kansas City and Houston and stuff and had work.

Yes, there was always something that needed my attention just a little bit more. But the time has come to make things right. In fact, there’s zero time left to put you off longer, so here I am!

Beginning tomorrow — even though I am sick and I want to do very little but lay on this couch and have soup — I will tackle you. In case you’re not familiar with that slang term, to “tackle” a project is a good thing. It means I’m going to attack you. Okay, that doesn’t sound very good, either. You’re going to get made tomorrow. Why are you suddenly a character in Get Shorty, FPFMDFWC?

Starting in the morning, I’m going to stop thinking about you and make real progress. There are 12 pages of you to figure out and that’s not a big deal, really. I’ve worked on all kinds of magazines in my day and you’re just the latest issue — a very special issue, of course. The most special mini-magazine in the world. The most exciting, well-designed, slick n’ pretty mini-magazine that anyone ever did see. Pendennis is in it — how can it go wrong?

Please, please, please be nice to me and don’t eat my files like you did two weeks ago because that did not help the situation.

With Great Hope,
Mary (and Pendennis)