New Carpet, With Chaos.

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Dame Vera Lynn, "at home in Sussex." Date unknown. Image Wikipedia.
Dame Vera Lynn, “at home in Sussex.” Date unknown. Image Wikipedia.



I had a plan. A blog plan.

Writing a regular blog like this takes one, you know. I think about you all the time.

And so it was that I came home after such a packed day with my blog plan — but there was a surprise waiting for me. Oh, I knew the new carpet would be there. I began payments and scheduled the installation a month ago because man, that carpet was looking pretty sad, indeed, and had looked sad, indeed for a long time. So I come home and find there is new carpet here in my home, but I knew it would be there. And the new carpet, it’s great. I did my research, I shopped around.

But the installers, who seemed very nice when I met them this morning, apparently had a fire to go put out someplace across town very suddenly after the carpet was installed. They seem to have left in a hurry.

There are shoes (mine, thankfully) in the bathroom sink. Tables have been switched around in rooms. The rugs I have, they are all in interesting places, none of them so interesting that I can leave them where they lay. It’s fascinating how they re-arranged my furniture, I thought to myself, surveying total chaos in my house; I could just leave it like this. Couch way over at the “wrong” wall, quilts rolled up like burritos, lamps surviving, barely, pushed against the corner on my big sewing/dining/work table.

Tonight, therefore, rather than write what I was planning to write, I’m heaving my weight against dressers and drawers, making sense out of the chaos of my house.

The carpet is perfect. But at the moment, I don’t recognize the place. Is it weird that I kinda like it?

*P.S. The photo up there? That’s one of the images that came back when I entered “carpet” into Wikipedia Commons, the free image site I use for all my posts (unless I took a picture myself.) Do you not love this woman “at home in Sussex”?