New Carpet, With Chaos.

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Dame Vera Lynn, "at home in Sussex." Date unknown. Image Wikipedia.
Dame Vera Lynn, “at home in Sussex.” Date unknown. Image Wikipedia.



I had a plan. A blog plan.

Writing a regular blog like this takes one, you know. I think about you all the time.

And so it was that I came home after such a packed day with my blog plan — but there was a surprise waiting for me. Oh, I knew the new carpet would be there. I began payments and scheduled the installation a month ago because man, that carpet was looking pretty sad, indeed, and had looked sad, indeed for a long time. So I come home and find there is new carpet here in my home, but I knew it would be there. And the new carpet, it’s great. I did my research, I shopped around.

But the installers, who seemed very nice when I met them this morning, apparently had a fire to go put out someplace across town very suddenly after the carpet was installed. They seem to have left in a hurry.

There are shoes (mine, thankfully) in the bathroom sink. Tables have been switched around in rooms. The rugs I have, they are all in interesting places, none of them so interesting that I can leave them where they lay. It’s fascinating how they re-arranged my furniture, I thought to myself, surveying total chaos in my house; I could just leave it like this. Couch way over at the “wrong” wall, quilts rolled up like burritos, lamps surviving, barely, pushed against the corner on my big sewing/dining/work table.

Tonight, therefore, rather than write what I was planning to write, I’m heaving my weight against dressers and drawers, making sense out of the chaos of my house.

The carpet is perfect. But at the moment, I don’t recognize the place. Is it weird that I kinda like it?

*P.S. The photo up there? That’s one of the images that came back when I entered “carpet” into Wikipedia Commons, the free image site I use for all my posts (unless I took a picture myself.) Do you not love this woman “at home in Sussex”? 

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  1. Rhonda Mossner
    | Reply

    Lol AWESOME! Now you have the little balls of hairy fur that will fill the bag of your vacuum cleaner the first time out! How glorious though to sink your toes into new fibers of their own! You are the third person I know currently getting carpet! Maybe I missed the memo that 2016 is officially The Year Of Carpet?! Enjoy!

  2. Barbara
    | Reply

    shoes in the sink, why the sink, they were’t carpeting the bathroom floor, strange and funny at the same time . . . don’tcha love getting something new!!

  3. Patrick Hughes
    | Reply

    The lady in the picture is Dame Vera Lynn, known as the ‘Forces Sweetheart’ to just about everyone in the UK. She was a famous singer and gave concerts for troops during the Second World War. She is still alive at 99 years old and is a most interesting character.

    • Lesley Gilbert
      | Reply

      I found a photo of her wearing that outfit, dated 1973 🙂

  4. Gina
    | Reply

    Where is the mailroom guy when you need furniture moved? And I go new carpet, too!!

  5. Sarah
    | Reply

    Didn’t someone once say “no pain, no gain”?

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