In Celebration of My Known Traveler Number: Gracie Returns

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I already feel special. Special and at the gate.
I already feel special. Special and at the gate.

In NYC a few weeks back, I set about getting myself a Known Traveler Number.

A Known Traveler Number (KTN) is a number assigned to you if you have filled out a bunch of forms and passed identification tests set up by the National Security Administration. You have to be a felon-free citizen. You give your fingerprints. Your passport gets triple-checked and you pay eighty-five dollars and if you do all this and look okay to the gov’ment, you get your special number, which tells the NSA you’ve been pre-screened and can now keep your shoes on in airport security lines (a benefit worth far more than eighty-five dollars, in my view.) There’s a special “TSA PreCheck” lane reserved for people with KTNs and this is also desirable. For months and months I found myself in crummy, regular security lines, looking at the people whizzing through the TSA PreCheck lane, twisted up with envy and self-chastisement. Why, why had I not gotten on the TSA PreCheck train? When would I just march myself to one of the places where they do it and just do it??

I procrastinated because I feared a DOT-like experience — and I was in New York City! Images of day-long waits and bus station-like environs kept pushing the errand to the bottom of my list. As It turned out, the process was painless and quick and as of today, I have a Known Traveler Number! I feel that life can truly begin. Kids, get your shoes on! We’re goin’ to the Sizzler!

In celebration of this momentous occasion, a flashback post. Some PaperGirl readers will remember the story of Gracie, Hell on Flight #3282; I hope you can bear reliving her, Grandpa, and the rest of the family. For those of you newer to the blog, I think you’ll like this one. I suffered for your pleasure.

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