Well, Something’s Not Right.

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Aurora calculator, with Error and Memory. Image courtesy Wikipedia.


Friends, countrywomen. Gentlemen. Kids.

As you can see, something is very funky with the ol’ PG, here. I updated a bunch of the things WordPress told me to update and here’s what I get. I tried to fix it yesterday and the whole thing went offline. This gave me just a touch of cardiac arrest. Just a smidge.

I should be printing out every single post. I can’t do that right now. I just can’t. But when things go wrong, I feel my entire life collapse before my eyes. What if PaperGirl disappeared? All these years of being here with you, gone in an instant? I would not recover well from that, y’all.

Anyone got time to make a lot of copies? Put ’em in a nice binder? Send them to the PaperGirl mailbox? It could be … fun! Really! And then I would be able to sleep at night! Wouldn’t that be nice?

I have absolutely no idea how to fix what’s wrong, here. If anyone out there is a WordPress whiz or knows one would could help me, please let me know. I’m desperate. (You may remember a similar desperation during this delightful email situation.) You know how some people are so severely allergic to nuts, if they even breathe in the dust of a single peanut, they’re in danger? That’s how I am with tech problems. Server crashes, data zaps, blog bugs, cell phone fails — this awful, awful stuff is my own personal kryptonite. My peanut dust kryptonite. Kryptopeanut? Whatever you call it, I feel strangled and cry a lot when these things happen.

Fixing this problem may mean I’m offline for a spell. I have so much to tell you, though! That’s why this stuff is the pits: Don’t these binary numbers realize we all have things to do? Anyway, I’ll do my best to get the ol’ PG put right as soon as possible so that I can pass along some exciting news.

It may or may not be heart related. Oooh …