Well, Something’s Not Right.

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Friends, countrywomen. Gentlemen. Kids.

As you can see, something is very funky with the ol’ PG, here. I updated a bunch of the things WordPress told me to update and here’s what I get. I tried to fix it yesterday and the whole thing went offline. This gave me just a touch of cardiac arrest. Just a smidge.

I should be printing out every single post. I can’t do that right now. I just can’t. But when things go wrong, I feel my entire life collapse before my eyes. What if PaperGirl disappeared? All these years of being here with you, gone in an instant? I would not recover well from that, y’all.

Anyone got time to make a lot of copies? Put ’em in a nice binder? Send them to the PaperGirl mailbox? It could be … fun! Really! And then I would be able to sleep at night! Wouldn’t that be nice?

I have absolutely no idea how to fix what’s wrong, here. If anyone out there is a WordPress whiz or knows one would could help me, please let me know. I’m desperate. (You may remember a similar desperation during this delightful email situation.) You know how some people are so severely allergic to nuts, if they even breathe in the dust of a single peanut, they’re in danger? That’s how I am with tech problems. Server crashes, data zaps, blog bugs, cell phone fails ā€” this awful, awful stuff is my own personal kryptonite. My peanut dust kryptonite. Kryptopeanut? Whatever you call it, I feel strangled and cry a lot when these things happen.

Fixing this problem may mean I’m offline for a spell. I have so much to tell you, though! That’s why this stuff is the pits: Don’t these binary numbers realize we all have things to do? Anyway, I’ll do my best to get the ol’ PG put right as soon as possible so that I can pass along some exciting news.

It may or may not be heart related. Oooh …

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  1. Patrice
    | Reply

    Oops! Looks like you have accidentally changed your theme. Here are some hints: go to dashboard, then appearance, then theme. I hope you can find your old theme!! This one is pretty bogus. Can hardly see what I am writing here. Wishing you good luck.

  2. Mandy Laseter
    | Reply

    Oh, Mary, I too stress out when I have technical problems. I always hesitate to do the updates on stuff, cause something ugly always happens. I hope your troubles are soon resolved. I look forward to your “news”.

  3. Jess Irwin
    | Reply

    Ok so here’s the thing. I love you. I have time. Would it actually be helpful to print things for you? Or even print to PDF? Because, honey, you taught me how to quilt two years ago, and it saved me. It really did. And if I can return the favor in any small way, I will. Contact info attached. Hugs!

    • Mary
      | Reply


      [that’s what I look like when I see an actual angel come to Earth]


      [still happening]



      • Susan Nicol
        | Reply

        I was going to suggest the PDF format as well. Now, I am not a wiz at that or anything, but, the saving can be done that the documents are searchable. You can put in the keywords that you use already. Saves paper, saves physical storage space. Take Jess up on the offer.

        Of course, I still prefer to read paper books rather than my ereader myself, so I am still old-school.

    • Deb
      | Reply

      If you collect them all together in a Word document then save as a .pdf, you can direct it to a Staples store and have it printed and bound. If there is a Staples near Mary you could send it there and Mary could pick it up.

  4. Kerry
    | Reply

    Like updating to Windows 10 – it made everything that was going so well into a complete shambles! I fared better than most – everyone had lost data or even their screens! My neighbour thought she was helping and upgraded her daughter’s laptop before she started her second uni semester, but had to go to a computer shop for help. – she had a split screen! They said oh that’s a new problem, couldn’t fix it so the only option was to revert to Windows 7 and lost her homework in the process.

    I wonder why they feel the need to change things round so much . . . unless they haven’t a clue why it happened either!
    Hope you find a way out of this – but at least you can still get your message across.

  5. Donna
    | Reply

    Hi Mary, I hope you can see this comment, but you need to get in touch with Sarah at Spunmonkey. She’s terrific — fast and understanding, and she even has budget conscious packages. I got in touch with Sarah when I had tech issues with my WordPress site, and she sorted things out very quickly for me. She’s also worked with the websites of sewists and creators, so she’s perfect for you. Her website is: https://spunmonkey.com Her email is: Sarah@spunmonkey.com

    Good Luck!

  6. Jennifer T
    | Reply

    I only ever read your blog on my iPhone and things look the same as usual. Don’t know if that’s reassuring to you or no help at all. Guess it’s not looking right for those reading on their desktops.

  7. Kelly Ashton
    | Reply

    Oh, Mary!
    Iā€™m so sorry your technology is giving you trouble!! Techs things stress me to the max, too. Iā€™m of no help in that area. I am sending all the love and good juju I can muster….

  8. MichelleM
    | Reply

    Mary there are places out there that will print your blog for you. I use blog2print and they print a bound book. It’s lovely. I usually do one or two years in a volume.

  9. Cheryl
    | Reply

    Upload all of your entries, as you create them, to Dropbox. Relieves a great deal of stress to have them digitally captured.

  10. Li
    | Reply

    Hi Mary,
    Reading another blog some time back she described obtaining a book of her blog posts for a year and binding it in a book format. I thought, “What a great service.” She now has several year’s worth of her life’s thoughts and happenings. I will try to find out what service it was.

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