Merry Christmas!

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Little pals. Photo: "One Hundred Bucks a Month," a UK craft site.
Little pals. Photo: “One Hundred Bucks a Month,” a UK craft site.

It’s a special day, no matter how you slice the fruitcake.

I hope your day is full of tasty eats and laffs. Maybe you’ll get a present! In my family, we draw names and just get one “prezzie” today. I asked for a cordless iron. Last year, I asked for ice skates and I got them, so I have high hopes.

Of course, what I want most is good health for my family, for you, and for me. That’s actually what I want, not just something I’m supposed to say.┬áMy regular blog schedule will be back tomorrow — not that I said anything about it being different the past few days, but you know how the week of Christmas can be. All the marshmallows and cheese corn make the days whirl and blend together.

Merry Christmas to all and to all not too much nostalgia. And don’t just watch YouTube videos in the other room! Get out there! Stay in the moment!