Teenagers Say The Darndest Things

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Hayv Kahraman's 'Toillete' (2008)
Hayv Kahraman’s ‘Toillete’ (2008)

I had a summer fling. Perhaps I can say more about it but it’s too soon in about six different ways, so I won’t.

But my sweet cousin Micala came through Chicago with my mom and they stayed with me last night. When I lamented that the eternal flame had flickered out and that my summer fling was over, Micala encouraged me.

“Did you know Tina Turner is seventy-five and her boyfriend is forty-two? And Madonna is fifty-something and her boyfriend is like, in his twenties? So don’t worry. If you haven’t met the right guy, it’s probably because he hasn’t been born yet.”

Is there vodka? In the pantry? Great, great. Thanks.