Hallo From Berlin!

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The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 2008. Photo: Wikipedia.
The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 2008. Photo: Wikipedia.


I got here on Thursday morning and it feels like the last three days have just been one, long day and night. It’s not jet lag, exactly; it’s more a feeling of being drunk with excitement and expectation.

I’ve been going, going, going since arrival and this post is a placeholder. There’s so much to tell but I can hardly keep my eyes open to type the next word and I fear that soon I’ll lay my head down on the keyboard and you’ll get something brilliant like kosssssssspsspppp ihhwwhhoooooooo

… so I’d better sign off till the morning. Also, it’s tough to know where to start as I examine my thoughts on the trip so far because full disclosure: It’s been very emotional to be here. If my relationship with Claus were a meal you cook at home, it would be breakfast. There are many moving parts, it’s hard to get the timing right, everything is delicious but burns easily (I’m looking at you, bacon and pancakes) and the orange juice is pulpy but the muffins are amazing, so get them out on the table! With butter! I need a spatula!

Was that a woiisisiisaaaaaaallllllll,,,mbnn moment or the most brilliant thing I’ve ever written?? 

Gute Nacht, mein Liebling.