Flash The Fox!

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A girl and her fox. Photo: Bretta's brother, I think.
A girl and her fox. Photo: Bretta’s brother, I think.


Sometimes, great PaperGirl content just drops into my lap.

Yesterday, during a terrific class here in beautiful Irvine, CA, a lady named Bretta had a great-looking carryall satchel. It was big and navy blue with little embroidered foxes all over it. I loved it so much because I love fabric with little animals printed on and you don’t see tiny foxes very often.

I asked Bretta about it and she told me, “My daughter gave it to me. I had a pet fox growing up, so people give me a lot of fox stuff.”

“You… Had a pet fox??” I said, delighted and confused. (Delighted and confused is a weird emotional mix but I had no choice.)

Bretta said that yes, her fox’s name was Flash. They got him at the pet store back in the day, and that her brother had a monkey. She showed me a picture — the picture you see above — and when I saw that fox on a leash, I just did not know what to do with myself. I mean, is that just the living end??

“I used to put Flash up over my shoulders, sort of like a fur collar and walk around with him like that.”

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

Bretta told me she only had her pet fox for about a year because Flash ran away. Foxes do like to run. And his name was Flash! I suppose it was bound to happen sometime.

But that was really cool, learning about a girl and her fox. So I thought I’d tell you.

Thanks, Irvine. You’re pretty foxy.

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  1. Kristina Morrow
    | Reply

    I had a friend with a pet skunk, and another friend with a pet raccoon. I had a tarantula (I don’t usually admit that now that I’m older . . . ) But the veterinarian in me comes out now and then and needs to remind everyone that tame does not equal domesticated! Keeping tame but not domesticated animals as pets is not wise or safe (or legal in most places these days).
    Ok. I’m off my soapbox.

  2. Bretta
    | Reply

    Mary, it was great meeting you yesterday. You are a warm and welcoming teacher and made a very difficult block a breeze to make. I can’t wait to finish up my project. Anyone having an opportunity to take one of Mary’s classes, listen to her energetic lectures or just meet her should.

  3. Patty
    | Reply

    We had a pet fox growing up too. She was an orphaned grey fox. She seemed to think our German Shepard was her Mom. We had her for a couple of years before she started leaving for longer and longer periods of time. When she came back she didn’t really want to spend time with us but with our dog. She was beautiful but definitely not domesticated.

  4. Trudy Cleveland
    | Reply

    Oh.. the 60’s… an era you could buy a fox at a pet store, and your parents thought that was OK! The stories we have of that time period are priceless!!

  5. Kate
    | Reply

    Mary, if you like foxes, this is the summer of fox, in fabrics. My grandson’s parents love foxes, so I am seeing food fabric everywhere.

    • Kate
      | Reply

      That’s fox fabric. 7p

  6. Susan Chinouth
    | Reply

    Oh My Goodness! (Yes, I learned to say that in the 60’s). Amazing and exciting to me that someone had a pet fox, my favorite all time animal. Sort of sad though because it is a wild animal. Somehow seeing a fox on a leash is rather sad. Glad he got to be free again. Wonder where the pet store found a fox for pet? Too crazy!

  7. diana
    | Reply

    Falls in your lap and SCREAMS “wRITE ABOUT ME, WRITE ABOUT ME”! What a different time, thanks for listening to the muse~

  8. Kathryn Darnell
    | Reply

    Only in California can you meet a lady with a pet fox named Flash! Delightfully delicious, Hooray for Irvine!

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