Flash The Fox!

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A girl and her fox. Photo: Bretta's brother, I think.
A girl and her fox. Photo: Bretta’s brother, I think.


Sometimes, great PaperGirl content just drops into my lap.

Yesterday, during a terrific class here in beautiful Irvine, CA, a lady named Bretta had a great-looking carryall satchel. It was big and navy blue with little embroidered foxes all over it. I loved it so much because I love fabric with little animals printed on and you don’t see tiny foxes very often.

I asked Bretta about it and she told me, “My daughter gave it to me. I had a pet fox growing up, so people give me a lot of fox stuff.”

“You… Had a pet fox??” I said, delighted and confused. (Delighted and confused is a weird emotional mix but I had no choice.)

Bretta said that yes, her fox’s name was Flash. They got him at the pet store back in the day, and that her brother had a monkey. She showed me a picture — the picture you see above — and when I saw that fox on a leash, I just did not know what to do with myself. I mean, is that just the living end??

“I used to put Flash up over my shoulders, sort of like a fur collar and walk around with him like that.”

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

Bretta told me she only had her pet fox for about a year because Flash ran away. Foxes do like to run. And his name was Flash! I suppose it was bound to happen sometime.

But that was really cool, learning about a girl and her fox. So I thought I’d tell you.

Thanks, Irvine. You’re pretty foxy.