What’s Up With The Quilt Blocks?

A Four-Patch Star. Block by Marianne Fons, scan by me.


You may have noticed the past few posts offer scanned-in quilt blocks as the featured image. What can it mean?

Quilt blocks are pretty much 100% good. I’ve never met a quilt block that was made in anger, represented anger or resentment, or had an opinion about an election. And there’s so much anger out there, so much resentment, and so many opinions on either side about the long, long, explosive election, I feel like a quilt block is a life raft.

Everyone — on either side, in every corner, everywhere — can use a life raft. Sometimes it looks like we need one less, sometimes it looks like we need one more, but the truth is, we always need one: We just panic and reach for it at different times.

Also, quilt blocks are pretty, and this must never be seen as unimportant.

My mom made that block up there probably 15 years ago. She gave me a few loose blocks for a class I was teaching on color; she used the same blocks when she was out on the road. It’s cool to use some of the same teaching materials she used when she was out on her grind; talk about a legacy.

Talk about a life raft. Thanks, Mom.