What’s Up With The Quilt Blocks?

A Four-Patch Star. Block by Marianne Fons, scan by me.


You may have noticed the past few posts offer scanned-in quilt blocks as the featured image. What can it mean?

Quilt blocks are pretty much 100% good. I’ve never met a quilt block that was made in anger, represented anger or resentment, or had an opinion about an election. And there’s so much anger out there, so much resentment, and so many opinions on either side about the long, long, explosive election, I feel like a quilt block is a life raft.

Everyone — on either side, in every corner, everywhere — can use a life raft. Sometimes it looks like we need one less, sometimes it looks like we need one more, but the truth is, we always need one: We just panic and reach for it at different times.

Also, quilt blocks are pretty, and this must never be seen as unimportant.

My mom made that block up there probably 15 years ago. She gave me a few loose blocks for a class I was teaching on color; she used the same blocks when she was out on the road. It’s cool to use some of the same teaching materials she used when she was out on her grind; talk about a legacy.

Talk about a life raft. Thanks, Mom.


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  1. Dale Odberg
    | Reply

    Love it! Tks Mary

  2. Dorothy
    | Reply

    If this is a “life raft”, let me be the first to climb on board. I think we will all need one soon. Quilters are the best though–the world leaders should all take “lessons” from us—be kind, be helpful, and share what you know

  3. Judy D in WA
    | Reply

    Why is it a nine patch star and not a four patch star, Mary?

    • Mary
      | Reply

      Ha! That’s a…typo. 😉 [corrected]

  4. Susan
    | Reply

    It’s actually ice to see that this block is not “perfect”., just like life.

  5. jean morton
    | Reply

    Legacy for me also. I learned to applique from your Mom’s class over 30 years ago. Now I continue to learn quilt ideas, color choices, quilting techniques, and “the love of quilting ” from you. How cool is that!!

  6. Anita Brayton
    | Reply

    Thanks, I nneded that!

  7. sharon
    | Reply

    thanks for the life raft – much appreciated these days

  8. Deb KimballS H5
    | Reply

    Mary, thank you for your peaceful words, your insight and the beautiful blog. I look very much forward to each and every post. I love today’s life raft and the need for all of us to look back as well as forward in our lives. I have a list of people with whom I would like have a long, over-a-cup-of-tea conversation . ❤️️

  9. Joan Huehnerhoff
    | Reply

    A life raft is a great thought I had a quilt class the day after. No talk of politics was allowed. there were many thanks offered after the class. they had found a life raft.

  10. Jen
    | Reply

    Ahhh. This post is the truth.

  11. pat hicks
    | Reply

    Beautiful block, looks like it was made yesterday. Love it love you and your mom. You are a bright spot thank you.

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