Book Promo Video No. 1

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Right outside the apartment in the East Village.
Right outside the apartment in the East Village.

Today’s PaperGirl is a link!

A link to a video. A video I cannot figure out how to just play within this entry. It’s extremely embarrassing and I forgot to ask Yuri before he went to bed. The upside is that in the screen shot I took from the video, my hair is flying around like magic. Look at that!

Enjoy this video. Relatively speaking, it did not take long to make. But I do blame my tardy posts lately on it and the other 5,000 things that are happening right now. It will pass, I promise. I did make a pledge and I don’t take these things lightly.

Here is the video for my book. There may be others.

Pendennis (??)

3 Responses

  1. Bethany Wise
    | Reply

    You hair may be magic, but……..
    Video doesn’t play from the bloglovin’ reader either. I’ll try going straight to your URL.


    • Bethany Wise
      | Reply

      Works just dandy directly from your website. I have 3 reasons why I’ll need to get this book.
      1) Your video was absolutely perfect (especially the soundtrack)
      2) Because it’s a Mary Fons book
      3) That sneak peak inside WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY sold it!

      I don’t know what the issue is with viewing video from bloglovin’ maybe it ain’t vimeo/bloglovin’ thang.

  2. Enjay
    | Reply

    I apologize for the perversion but I mis-read your book title way back when so it has been and always will be Make Love & Quilts to me. Sorry. Kinda.

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