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  1. Matt Maldre
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    I admire your compassion, empathy, and admirement. Is it bad I never wondered what it’s like to be someone else? I’m very happy being me. I try to be considerate and think how my actions affect others. But that’s an interesting/mind-altering thought to wonder–truly wonder in the meaning of the word wonder/dream–what it’s like to be someone else.

    • Mary Fons
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      When are we having lunch? I’m serious. Watch your email…

  2. Matt Maldre
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    Oh, one more thought, since that last comment wasn’t a complete thought. In college someone once told me they wondered what it’s like to see the world through my eyes–for a couple reasons: I can be a very goofy fun creative guy (which I feel weird saying that, and perhaps I was more like that in college when this person’s declaration of wonderment was stated) and two: I have a droopy eyelid which causes me to see the world slightly crooked. I never quite think anything of it as far as how I see the world. It’s simply how I see the world just like anyone else. You just simply observe. I dunno, perhaps many people just don’t quiet their mind and observe. But I think people do. I’m rather rambling here. What’s my point? Oh yeah, That for this person to wonder what it’s like to see the world through my eyes. That’s a very nice complimentary thought, but I often desired for this person to see the world through his own creative lens. We are such incredibly unique people.

    Ok, now to swing it back to your post. Perhaps what helps us to see things more creatively, as my friend wished, is to desire to _understand_ how others see the world.

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