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"You know New York, you need New York,;you know you need unique New York." (Tongue twister from a high school drama camp. )
“You know New York, you need New York, you know you need unique New York.” (Tongue twister from a high school drama camp. )

I’m composing this on my phone. A first.

I’m writing this way because I made it, I’m in the new pad in New York (!!!) but I can’t get the Internet working. I can’t possibly go find a coffee shop to sit in, though: I’m too happy to be here, too blissed out to be half-horizontal on this couch in this glorious space. 

I hadn’t seen the apartment Yuri picked out; only pictures…and it’s more wonderful here than I ever imagined.

It’s more spacious and fabulous than I dared hope for and there’s art all over the stairwell walls and secure mailboxes in the foyer and an umbrella stand in the hall and it’s quiet quiet up hereon thethird floor even though all of New York is right outside. When I walked in, I started smiling and haven’t stopped. It’s been the hours.

Yuri comes on Tuesday; he stayed behind to finish up in Chisago. We have one night here together, then I’m off to St. Louis. But soon, and for a good long while, this be the place; this is where love will grow and work will get done and cookys will be made.

If I weren’t tapping out these words on a touch screen with a stylus (excruciating, really) I’d say more about measuring my life, how I choked back a sob in the taxi to the airport today (we were on Lakeshore Drive and Chicago was impossibly beautiful and I was leaving it, leaving it), how being alone my first night here is actually just right; I might say something about how the spring night air is so sweet, coming in the window right now, it could kill me.

Good thing for the stylus.

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  1. Cheryl Sznkowski
    | Reply

    I am thrilled for you!

  2. Diane Mosher
    | Reply

    …welcome home… 🙂

  3. Andres
    | Reply

    when can I come over?

  4. Eliana
    | Reply

    Enjoy your new home.

    Have breakfast at Petrossian Cafe for us!

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