How To Watch Yourself On Camera: 5 Easy Steps

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Screenshot, Quilty. Season Three, maybe? My head is 10lbs more pointy in this picture than it is in real life. Also, I have 10lbs better posture in real life.
Screenshot, Quilty. Season Three, maybe? My head is 10lbs more pointy in this picture than it is in real life. Also, I have 10lbs better posture in real life.

Sometimes, I think I must be out of my mind to do what I do for work these days. I’m on camera a lot and I find it painful to be on camera. Why? Because:

– Whatever you’re wearing, however you style your hair, that version of you is out of date by the time the show airs and forever afterward. You’re like the new car that’s just been driven off the lot — and no one likes a depreciating car.

– I’m not sure the camera adds the proverbial 10lbs or not, but there is most certainly a widening that takes place; an unfortunate spread of oneself onscreen. Is it the worst thing to look a bit more zaftig than you are in person? No. Does it feel unfair when you’ve been working hard to keep fit precisely because you know you’ll be on camera in the near future? Yeah, it does. [Note to self: First time using ‘zaftig’ in blog, possibly first time using it anywhere. Mark in planner.]

– You think you sound one way, but you don’t. You sound that way.

– Editing can delete a multitude of sins, but you can’t edit down to nothing. Thus, the horsey laugh, the bad habit of interrupting, the weird thing you said weirdly — it’s all on tape. Forever.

If you find yourself having to be on camera anytime soon, don’t despair. I have come up with five ways to help you cope with the trauma. Here now:

Mary’s Top 5 Survival Tips For Watching Yourself On Camera

1. Enjoy several alcoholic beverages before you begin. Everyone looks better after a couple drinks, right? This applies to you watching you. If you can get to the point where you start hitting on yourself through the screen, you’re in a great place.

2. Have a friend watch with you. This needs to be a friend who loves you so much she/he can withstand two of you for the duration of the video. Put them in your will if they agree to this.

3. Worried about your hair or clothing choice? Those potential blunders fade quickly when you realize you were younger then than you are now. Instantly wistful and desirous of that outfit, now, aren’t you? Mm-hmmm.

4. Oh, come on. You must’ve said something humorous or intelligent. Find that instance and play it multiple times. Then let the video continue while you go to the bathroom or get more snacks/vodka.

5. Go watch a bunch of Beyonce videos. Isn’t Beyonce amazing? There you go, much better.

6 Responses

  1. Angie
    | Reply

    Have you SEEN Liz and your mum in the old LOQ episodes? They, and their hair styles, are darling! YOU are darling! And one day you will look back and think “how young and hot am I in that Quilty video?!?” I love you…just as you are!

    • Mary Fons
      | Reply

      LOL — Angie, you can stay awhile. 🙂

  2. Jody
    | Reply

    Okay, no more Mary bashing. I think you are stunningly beautiful, and that “horsey laugh” you complain about? It’s a wonderful, life embracing laugh! Seriously, cut yourself some slack! You are your harshest critic.

  3. Jodie Davis
    | Reply

    Watching videos to okay then, I find myself smiling at myself, and in the case of Quilt Out Loud, laughing.
    It’s easy to be our own worst critics. But what matters is what viewers say. And I think that has everything to do with being genuinely you. Which I think you have covered Miss Mary. See ya in Des Moines (I hear) or is Atlanta first?

  4. Shirley Fass
    | Reply

    You look mah-velous darling–although I have noticed on shopping channels that everyone looks fat on a flat screen but thinner on my old school tvs in my sewing room and bedrooms. I suppose it is like flattening an orange peel, although I know that is not really a flattering comparison–anyways no “peel” for you and I always like your style as far as clothing goes!!

  5. Julie
    | Reply

    Mary, as the one who has the privilege of editing the LOQ shows (as well as several others) you are by no means difficult to watch on camera. The stuff that doesn’t make it on the show, however, is the real treat the public misses out on! 🙂

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