The Big Orange Head Joke.

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Big. Orange. Head.
Big. Orange. Head.

Tonight, a joke.

I’d heard this one before, but driving in Wisconsin not long ago, I heard it again on the radio. It’s a keeper for sure — and the kids love it.

A guy is walking along the street one day and he sees his friend Tom. But Tom looks different. Tom has a big orange head. Like, his head is big and orange. The guy goes over to Tom right away.

“Tom! Hey, man… What happened to your head?” asks the guy.

“It was the darndest thing,” says Tom. “I found one of those magic genie lamps. You know, the ones where you rub the side and the genie comes out and grants you three wishes?”

“Wow!” says the guy. “That’s amazing!”

“I know!” says Tom. “And he wasn’t kidding. I wished for a million bucks and poof! The genie showed me on my phone that I had a million bucks in the bank.”

“Holy cow!” says the guy.

“Yep. Then, I wished for a beautiful wife and poof! this amazing woman appeared and we’re married and she’s incredible, look.” and Tom shows the guy a picture of his beautiful wife.

“Dang,” says the guy. “That’s unbelieveable!” Then, eyeing Tom, he says, “What was the third wish?”

“Well,” said Tom, “For my third wish, I wished for a big orange head.”

[that’s it]

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  1. Mary Ann
    | Reply

    I had forgotten this joke! Can’t wait to tell me 6 yr old granddaughter, as good as the endless knock knock jokes she currently loves.

  2. Jenn
    | Reply

    Hi Mary! What a silly joke. 🙂 Hey, since your server issues, I haven’t gotten notifications of your new blog posts. And I don’t see a way to follow you in your sidebar anymore. I was following you before and would like to continue. I really enjoy your writing!

    • admin
      | Reply

      Hi, Jenn! Thanks — that joke is SO SILLY! The server migration indeed changed the “flow” of a few things; nothing we all won’t get used to (including me!) but I didn’t realize there’s no “follow” button now. Thank you for pointing it out!! Until then, know that I post about 5 x a week, so bookmark me and standby… Cheers and thanks, Mary

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