Bye, Bye Quilty.

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Over the past six months or so, because I clearly can’t get enough tumult, I wrestled with a career decision. A couple months ago, I wrested the decision to the ground and the decision tapped out.

I’ve chosen to leave Quilty magazine as editor and creative director. Quilty is kind of like my kid, so you can imagine how difficult it was to finally choose to step away.

From the first issue, I have put my entire self into that ol’ girl — those notes in the margins are my handwriting; I drew Spooly myself — but the things I’d like to do in the quilt industry and the places I’d like to go, they just don’t jibe with being an editor. I have a little love affair with words and quilts, so for me, an editorship at a quilting magazine was pretty neat. But Quilty was never really mine — it’s owned by the parent company F+W Media. So as much as I saw Quilty grow, struggle, grow up, go to the prom, get moved into her dorm, etc., it was my kid but not my kid. You know?

You haven’t heard the last of me, but Quilty has. My last issue is May/June in 2015.

Bye, bye, kid.

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  3. Dolores Boule
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    I was so sorry to see you go, Mary,. I didn’t know what happened to you. Loved your shows and those with Mom first. YOu made a fantastic duo! I have your magazines forever.
    I wish you lots of happiness and experiences that please you.

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