Grand Central Wedding.

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Publicity still, Julia Dean and Howard C. Hickman in Matrimony (1915) Photo: Wikipedia
Publicity still, Julia Dean and Howard C. Hickman in Matrimony (1915) Photo: Wikipedia

This place is an ant farm! 

And by “ant farm” I mean that we are all working hard, carrying things, moving dirt, and ultimately serving the queen. The enormous tent is up. The lights have been hung inside. The rock walls that surround the property have been shaped up. I hand-picked all the dumb dandelions out of the yard yesterday and my sister Hannah gave the big firepit out back a total overhaul. Guests are arriving at the Island in twos, threes, and more and last night we had an unofficial gathering at the famous Nelsen’s Hall pub, which has existed since the 1800s. I think the bar is the original, but that seems ridiculous.

My intention to write of all this yesterday was sidelined by pure baccanalia courtesy of that pub. I think excess happens at weddings (and the days surrounding them) not just because it’s a big celebration but also because it’s rather heavy, honestly. Getting married is a really big deal and represents a closing of one thing and the opening of another. It’s a transition and transitions of any kind can cause a touch of unease in human beings. Mostly, though, everyone’s just stoked and full of love, thus they are full of cocktails. 

It’s back to prep, now. The wedding is tomorrow at 4pm and as you can imagine, there is much more to do. The roast pig arrives tomorrow morning, the caterer of course gets here tomorrow, but there are a million things to secure, double-check, anticipate and check off the many lists that are posted everywhere. 

My sister’s dress is gorgeous, much like the girl herself I promise pictures on Facebook. 

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