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Meet the team.
Meet the team.

There will never be ads on PaperGirl. Ever. 

I just can’t do it. Apparently, Google ad revenue for a site with decent traffic is sizable. But it’ll never happen because PaperGirl is an online oasis for me. Over the past (many) years, I’ve tried to make it an oasis for you, too. There are no ads here, no pop-ups, no videos, not even any outside links. (You may have noticed that I only link internally, mimicking the endless loop inside my head.) All this makes PaperGirl a quieter place to be online, even for a few minutes. 

Stopping by PaperGirl means escape into a clearing, a meadow! You will be free, if only for a moment, from ninety-three links within a single paragraph, luring you away from what you’re reading; you will never endure the spookiness that comes from seeing an ad in the margin for the 6-pack of socks you left in your Amazon shopping cart fifteen minutes ago. I’m not letting the bots into our blog, comrades. No. Way. 


Everyone wants your money. I know; they want mine, too. But here goes nothing: if you enjoy PaperGirl, would you consider clicking the “Donate” button and throwing a few bucks in the hat? 

You will never, ever see ads on this blog. There might be advertisements in other places/pages in my online life, but not here. PaperGirl is sovereign. I need it to be. Maybe you need it to be, too. 

With Love,
Mary + Pendennis

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