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  1. Tsny
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    Hi, just wondering if you could tell me anything else about him. He was my uncle and I never got to meet him and I just wanted to know about him.

    • Tsny
      | Reply

      Please email me if you have a chance, I was searching him online because I thought maybe I could find out more about him then what my dad had told me and I came across this article and it really sparked my interest in getting to know who he was

    • Angela de Prairie
      | Reply

      If you still want to know about Jeremy, look me up…Angela de Prairie

  2. J
    | Reply

    He was my favorite cousin. I really miss him.

  3. Michael Bohn
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    Hey – was he an RA in Currier in 1995? I think he was my RA and he helped me a lot in college, but I never was able to reconnect with him. I found this searching for his info online – but I am not sure if this is the same Jeremiah – if so, please let me know and thanks so much for writing this

    • Mary
      | Reply

      Hey, Michael. Yeah, that’s the right guy. I’m smiling right now — I’m so glad you remember him too. What an amazing human, right? I hope you’re well and best to you and yours. xo Mary

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