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Scrabble, 2015.
Scrabble, 2015.

I’ve come to Iowa to tape the PBS show. This means I am in Winterset and will be working in Des Moines this week. It also means I will be sleeping in the bedroom I shared with my younger sister from the age of nine to the age of thirteen or so. Thankfully, it does not look the same as it did back then, though I miss the Madonna posters.

Here is who lives in this house:

1. My mother
2. My stepdad Mark (a.k.a. “The Cap’n”)
3. Scrabble

I walked into the kitchen this afternoon and saw Miss Scrabble in the position you can see in the above photograph. It is a difficult thing to simultaneously gasp, laugh, and try to not make a sound as you move slowly for your phone/camera in order to take a picture of a dog before she moves a single inch. In fact, this is a physically painful experience. But I did it. I got the shot.

It’s been beautiful since I got here late Friday. Crisp and clean, and better take a jacket.

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