Quilt Your Heart Out: Pithy Advice For Patchwork & Relationships (The Podcast!)

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Me and Mom. Photo: Joe Mazza, BraveLux.
Me and Mom. Photo: Joe Mazza, BraveLux.

All right, Fons. Out with it.

Mom and I have launched a podcast. It’s called “Quilt Your Heart Out: Pithy Advice for Patchwork & Relationships” and it’s a weekly call-in advice show for quilters. Quilt Your Heart Out is now available at QuiltYourHeartOut.com and on iTunes.

We will take your calls on the air. Yes, we are waiting for your problems! It could be a problem with your borders, it could be a problem with your boyfriend. We take all comers.

There will be a celebrity guest each show — sometimes we’ll just chat about life, sometimes we’ll focus on a new project they’ve got going, sometimes they’ll take a whack at a listener question — maybe yours. There’s a trivia question each month, too; if you answer right and your name is drawn, you get a prize from one of our advertisers. There’s a recipe each week, too; not all quilters like to cook, but all humans like to eat, so we feel a featured recipe will be well-received.

There’s also a feature called the “Social Media-Shout Out.” This is a nod on the show (and in the blog) to someone doing notable work in the quilt world online. The Internet was good for a lot of communities (Trekkies!) but it’s been especially good for people who want to share their begging-to-be-photographed, colorful, meaningful, functional art with as many people as possible.

You should call in with a question right now. Call 773-273-9120. Or you could email your question: questions @ quiltyourheartout.com. Visit the website to get all the instructions, though: there are instructions!

CRUCIAL NOTE: We’re new at this. The only way we could be newer is if we didn’t know what a podcast was, but we do know that. The team is me, Mom, and Heather, our intrepid producer. But we are starting at zero. Mom and I lecture together and we do TV together, but radio is surprisingly different. And learning how to record and mix sound, well, turns out there are colleges that take four years to teach you how to do all that. But we jumped in, because that’s how we are. We’ll iron everything out (hey-o!) and we so want you to jump in with us and enjoy Quilt Your Heart Out each week.

Please be super-fans and do the Facebook thing, click the “share” button. Tell your friends. Subscribe on iTunes. Leave comments, follow, all those things that make or break a project in 2016.. We are having so much fun already; the more momentum, the more fun you’ll have listening to QYHO for many, many happy hours in the sewing room.

Yo! Quilt’cha haaaat out!!

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