At The Table.

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Closeup, mini-light. Photo: Wikipedia.
Closeup, mini-light. Photo: Wikipedia.

A Christmas light went out yesterday.

I’m sorry to be cryptic, but the details simply aren’t mine to give, nor would I give them this soon, even if they were. It’s just that someone precious died, and it wasn’t time, and it wasn’t okay, and it won’t ever, ever be. Hearts all over the place are just busted up like you can’t believe because you can’t believe how these things can happen and then they happen and you’ve got busted hearts everywhere.

This post is a request.

Do not delay. Tell the family member, the friend, the lover, the spouse, the pet you love that you love them – today. Make a better choice with a behavior today. We fall short. We are cursed with our own humanity. But all around there are acts of love and kindness and you just have to try to be a part of that. Be a part of that. In the short term or the long, hopefully both.

We cannot lose sight of that. We don’t have that kind of time.

I’ll miss seeing you at the table, sweetheart. I love you.




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