Receiving Room Guy Update (Tomorrow.)

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Weird letter from some weird country mailed in 1967. Image: Wikipedia.
Weird letter from some weird country mailed in 1967. Image: Wikipedia.

Remember when I wrote about the really lovely and sweet guy who starting working my building’s receiving room? I wrote about him several times, in fact.

You remember: I called him “Receiving Room Guy” and I wrote about how I gave him my pancakes. Then I wrote about how he was practicing bass guitar in the, you know, receiving room, then how he and I really were starting to be friends and how he was sewing. Then I wrote an open letter to him because I was feeling weird about continuing to have a friendship with someone who I had blogged about to thousands of people.

Well… There’s been a development.

An extremely interesting one. I mean, even if it wasn’t my life, I would find this development interesting. If you were me and you told me (?) this development, I would maybe have to go get a bucket of popcorn.

And tomorrow, I shall tell you what happened. Why not tonight? Because I have to tell this thing exactly right and writing is hard. The development is just 24 hours old and a girl needs to think for heaven’s sakes. You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out just how delicious a story it really is. For now, I’ll tell you three things:

  1. I read him the letter.
  2. While we were sitting on my couch Sunday night.
  3. I have Mariano’s permission to both tell you his name and the story of what happened.

See you tomorrow.


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