On Polka Dots.

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Two seconds later, I was crying -- again. Photo: Luke.
Two seconds later, I was crying — again. Photo: Luke (or Sophie?? I literally couldn’t see.)

My birthday, though I didn’t feel much like celebrating the night before, ended up being terrific because of a friend. Actually, several. This means you.

First, the picture:

I look sorta bug-eyed, don’t I? Well, I am, because I am 2 seconds away from losing it because my sweet Sophie made me The Best Birthday Cake I Ever Had. Why? Oh, no reason. Just that she baked colored cupcakes and then put the colored cupcakes inside the pan before she poured in the white batter so that when she cut the cake, there were big, happy polka dots inside the cake. Some people get Funfetti frosting. I got a Funfetti cake. Some people get “friends.” I get Sophie.

Sophie is a polka dot in human form. She erases evil. She is pure good.

The other friends to thank would be you guys.

I hit “Forward”, psychically-speaking, on every encouragement that came my way starting Wednesday — there was so much. I’m not where all that grace must land first, though, so when I get to Iowa (I’ve booked a flight for Wednesday), I’ll be invisibly heaping all of your love, prayers, and compassion on those who need it more than I do. It will be felt.

Goodnight, ya crazy polka dots.




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