The First-Ever PaperGirl Survey! (Short, Fun.)

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That's my hand-quilted "Larkin" quilt on my lap while I write this blog! Photo: Ebony Love.
That’s my hand-quilted “Larkin” quilt on my lap while I write this blog! Photo: Ebony Love.

I just made my first-ever survey.

Because of this, I have decided that if all else fails, I would like to make surveys for a living. What will I survey? Anything, as long as I have control over what I can ask in the survey. It was so fun to make this I am reconsidering all my life choices.

Do you have a moment to take this survey? There are only 10 questions and I promise it’s fun.

Just click here and be counted. After all, it’s an election year!

Thanks, guys. I really appreciate your feedback.


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  1. Dee
    | Reply

    I wanted to take your survey,m but couldn’t get on. Sorry!

  2. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Do we get to see any summation of the results? Clearly if books are published and tote bags are made, answers to some questions will be available. What I’d really love to know is what all your creative readers saw in the ink blots!

    • Mary
      | Reply

      Yeah! Jen, they’re coming in a couple days. I’m going through the data now. So much data!! oxoxoxo, mar

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